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Had an ultra sound on my tummy today due to ongoing pain. They've found something on the right side of my adbomen. They can't say what it is but its outside the bowel I'm absolutely terrified that it's going to turn out sinister. I don't have ovaries because they were destroyed by chemo when I was in my twenties so it's definately not a cyst . I'm waiting on word for a CT scan hopefully in the next two days as I may pay for it. Please keep me in your prayers I was putting most of this down to thyroid but I guess I was wrong. I've made good friends on this site and have always found comfort knowing I'm not alone. Thanks Mauds

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  • Oh Mauds I certainly will keep you in my thoughts. I hope you can get your scan done soon so that you don't have to worry for too long and that it's good news you get (((hugs)))

  • Thanks I'm so scared but hopefully it won't be as bad as I think

  • I send my hugs too Maud ,and hope its good news

    Love n hugs sue xx

  • Hope it's not. I'm not surprised you're scared, I would be too and I know once I'm anxious I build things up in my mind, I think most people probably do.

  • I certainly will and send you hugs and hope you can find out asap. Xxx

  • Thanks I need all the blessings I can get

  • Of course I'll think about you and hope you'll soon get good news.

  • I will be thinking of you too, Mauds....((((Mauds)))).xx

  • Thanks everyone I really am grateful for your support

  • That's a blow, Mauds. You're in my thoughts darling. I hope it is nothing sinister and is easily dealt with so you're no longer in pain. Please let us know how you are after the scan xx

  • Thanks clutter I will post as soon as I know

  • You are in my prayers. Try to deep breathe, best for anxiety. Lots of love.

  • Thank you

  • Hi maud I will say a special prayer for you every night untill you get sorted I will pray to st Anthony . Rem to try an stay positive even tho it's very hard . Lots of hugs to u (((( ))))

  • Not easy I know, but try to keep positive. xx

  • Good luck Mauds. Try as best you can to let the worst thoughts slide on by till you have results.

  • I wish you well. Hope it's nothing to be concerned about.

    Will keep you in my thoughts.

  • Thinking of you. I've messaged you. Do you have anyone going with you to the appointments?


  • Mauds

    {{gentle hugs}} and of course my prayers. Also wishing you well xx

  • ...such a difficult time for you. The worrying is always the most difficult part. Impossible not to. Am thinking of you and wishing you the VERY best. So pleased for you that you can have the scan sooner rather than later....take good care....

  • I will be thinking of you and sincerely hope it's good news for you.

  • I am praying for you too.

  • You are In my prayers :)

  • The not knowing and worrying is definitely a bad time. Keep busy and with supportive people. Hope all is well.

  • don't be terrified mauds , just remember that this is 1 of the routes of your destination .....just think of where you were before you found this site ..... no matter what you have many many friends here that will always be with you together .....NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE TO PUT UP WITH as we all do ..... <<<< mega hugs >>>>>..............alan xxxxxx

  • Dear Mauds, I often have you in my thoughts and will do so even more now. I do hope that nothing bad is found and you recover soon. My best wishes are with you. xx

  • Thinking of you x

  • Mauds

    It's so difficult trying to be brave when faced with uncertainty but hopefully you will get the CT scan in the next day or so and put your mind at rest. My thoughts and prayers are with you - please let us all know as soon as you get your results.xx

  • Thanks everyone. My doc just phoned to say I've a kidney infection he sent off culture last Friday and it came back positive no word yet on the scan. He cannot make the app for the CT until he gets word from the ultra sound. I've tried phoning the people who did the ultrasound but only got answering machine. I've paid for this privately so hopefully today my doc will get word. I'm clutching at straws but maybe whatever he saw in uktrasound is to do with the kidney infection. Fingers crossed and thanks all you lovely people. By the way I've been put on Macrodantin anyone had any experience of this antibiotic.

  • I will also keep praying for you Maud. Take care ... lots of love from Valtay.

  • thinking of you Maud, you've lots of good friends on here so you're never alone. xxxx

  • Don't wprry. Your thyroid affects the whole of your metabolism. Keep your mind positive for this stops psychosomatic illnessnes.

    The power of prayer is tremendous and tonight I will pray for you. God bless and stay calm You will be well and fine!

  • Mauds, I will be thinking of you too, (((hugs))).

    Not heard of that antibiotic sorry, it just says avoid antacids with magnesium - I hope you have answers soon & on the road to recovery. Jane xx

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