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How often should I be having my bloods done for underactive thyroid?

What an eye opener this site is. Id like to know how often my bloods should be taken and how should I be given the results. At the moment I keep having to ring my surgery to have them done and again for the results. As regards the results, all I get is the receptionist saying yes they are ok! It would appear from what I have just been reading I should be getting a full detailed report. Should this be by e-mail or post? I really look forward to any help on this. In addition the above problem I also have hydrocephalus, water on the brain, for which I have had over 20 ops. plus fibromyalgia. Fortunately god seemed to find some humour and gave me a wicked sense of humour to cope with all this. One half of my family have disowned me the other are to busy! My biological son as I call him has also disowned me, yet we used to be so close. Apart from that I'm fine!

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Welcome to the forum, Elvera.

You should have a thyroid blood test 6-8 weeks after any dose adjustment. Once you are stable on a dose tests should initially be bi-annual and eventually annual.

Patients are entitled to their test results, not an opinion that they are normal. Ask your GP receptionist or practice manager for a printout of your results with the lab ref ranges after each blood test. Give the GP 48 hours to review the results when the results are returned before making a request. There may be a nominal £1/£2 fee to cover the cost of printer ink and paper. If you want results posted to you, this will be at the discretion of the surgery and they may want a SAE from you.


Thanks for that. My levels fluctuate I don't know if that's normal. Consequently my thyroxine dose changes. A few years ago they were done every 6/8 weeks because of this. Now I have to ask and I really am not happy about this.


Mine are supposed to be done annually now but most of the time I don't get called at the right time, it's even been as long as two years.

If I want to know what my results are I ask. If they call me to say the GP wants a phone appt with me then I always book an appointment with the GP at the surgery to discuss them now. Can't be doing with phone appointments, too easy for the GP to talk over you and fob you off! If I'm feeling OK then I don't chase it up, I find it tends to upset the applecart so if it's not broke don't let them fix it!


Why on earth would your family disown you? Surely it can't be because you have a lifetime illness?

Your surgery HAS to give you your results! You can go and collect them or in person but they must give them to you if you insist. You are allowed access to your GP file now anyway.



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