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86-year-old man’s congestive heart failure resolved with thyroid treatment

Written by Janet Thome, The 1000 Souls Project

What I am about to share is a long read, but this could be very important for someone who has congestive heart failure, hypothyroidism, type 2 Diabetes or a damaged liver. That covers half of our [US] population.]


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That is an amazing article.

Thanks for posting .



Whew, Clutter, how much did ALL those treatments cost? I'm not sure how practical it is for the average person but it is good to know it can be done. It reminds us that any pharmaceutical you are prescribed will do you some harm. I have often thought about hypothyroidism in the elderly and wonder if it is bypassed entirely and treat symptoms without realizing they are hypo symptoms. Same problem younger patients often have.

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A heartwarming story and an eye-opener too. The fact that someone who is interested in why another person who has more than one disease and is more than written off because he has reached 'old age' can be helped enormously with care and consideration and holistic treatments.

Thanks for posting.


Researching congestive heart disease & thyroid, good article but not quite enough facts, but there is a definite correlation. Would an 86 year old give up their care to an individual non-family member, I suppose so if doctors had given up on them.

Nice tiny portable cedar cabins too.


Maybe because heart specialists and psychiatrists are allowed to prescribe T3 but not endos?


Gosh!! That's really encouraging and enlightening. Thanks for sharing Clutter!



Am I the only person to shudder when the phrase 'caregiver' is used?

Interesting and informative article though.


C-G, no it gives me the willies to think that my health may one day deteriorate so much I can't function without considerable help from others.


Clutter - it's a frightening thought isn't it. I really need to put pen to paper expressing my wishes.


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