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Hoping for progress

So my latest bloids show my TSH is 8.74 from 8.97 in may when first diagnosed with hypo and hashis. Given 25mcg levo for 6 weeks then it was upped to 50mcg for the last 5 weeks.

Now ive been saying all rhe way I dont feel much different. Docs didnt believe me. So tested my liver. Apparently a week ago my ALT was 78 (upper ok range is 35!) And yesterday is was 58-which they seemed happy about as correcting itself and will moniter.

They told me all blood counts were normal -as I asked if B12 was tested. I was told as blood counts including red cells heathy and a normal shape this would indicate no issue with b12. Does that about right?

But. They have upped my levo to 100mcg. So fingers crossed I feel better soon after 3 months of ineffective levels of levo!

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To go from 50mcg to 100mcg all in one go might be a bit too much. usually a 25mcg increment every six weeks (with a starting dose at 50mcg) till you feel better and TSH reduces to around 1 might be wiser.

If you get palpitations or feel too hot, I would reduce your dose. Too much is just as bad as too little.

When you get your results also get the ranges as labs differ and it makes it easier to comment.

For info:

When due for a blood test get the earliest possible and fast, and leave around 24 hours between the last dose of levo and the test. Take levo afterwards. Always take levo with one glass of water.


This is a link which may be helpful and you can use the search button on the r/h side of this page for more gluten posts.


By the time your red blood cells are affected by a B12 deficiency it is likely you have been deficient for a while. A high MCV is what is known as a late stage symptom. This means it does not necessarily appear in the early stages of deficiency and may not appear until months or years after the onset of deficiency. There are also other factors that would mask the red blood cell changes you would get from a B12 deficiency including a good supply of folic acid or low/low-normal iron levels. And again, low iron doesn't always reveal itself as low haemoglobin. Low haemoglobin ca sometimes not appear until months into an iron deficiency.

Really, if you have symptoms of low B12, your GP needs to do a test for it and not wait until it is making changes to your blood cells!

I hope you start to feel better on your increased dose of levothyroxine soon :)

Carolyn x

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