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Cortisol Saliva test results

Can anyone help me here with these Cortisol results, not sure what to make of them. Thanks.

morning 9.0 (3.7-9.5)

noon 2.4 (1.2-3.0)

evening .5 (.6-1.9) L

night 1.8 (.4-1.0) H

When I had this test done I was waking up so tired, just exhausted. Around the 6 o'clock hour if I sat down I would fall asleep for a couple of hours, then go to bed and have trouble going to sleep of course. Haven't had good restful sleep in quite some time but it is getting better. Been to Endo and had my Synthroid dosage upped some and can already tell the difference as I'm not so exhausted all the time. I get checked again in 3 months to see how things are going and if I'm still experiencing symptoms-I have Hashimitos-then she will start me on some T3 as well. This Endo was good listener and willing to look at all alternatives at this point.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Thanks, very interesting


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