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T3 test ( or not!)

So ... I went to docs as I can't lose weight ( eat real food, no caffeine crap or Junk) I get a newly qualified doc! So I told her I thought I was not converting ! I asked to see endo, let's try doing a t3 blood test first then I can send you!

I wait 3 weeks for appt after bloods! Turns out they did t do T 3 ( I did know they may not do it!)

She said y do u want to see a endo?

Because I don't feel right n not losing weight at all!

But we don't check t3 as its a specialist test! Unless u have other markers. Your tests are normal! i said what about checking the actual person? U can't go by a blood test alone it's madness!!

But I'm not losing weight so that means something!!

So in the end I said to her I'd go get my own ruddy test!

Feeling very very irritated!!

They really don't like you questioning them!

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This a similar post to yours so I'll link below:


You can have the tests done yourself by mail..There's laboratories that will do it without prescription. But you have to pay out of pocket, but the price isn't ridiculous. There's a lab I use for the 24 hour adrenal DHEA, if you want the name. That test is $125


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