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Having been self-treating with NDT, then put on low dose Levo by GP, I've reached a stage where I need to consider going back onto NDT, as my GP is not overly helpful/knowledgable.

I'm considering getting help from Dr David Owen at the Natural Practice. Or maybe one of his colleagues if there is some one well placed for thyroid/adrenal/ME issues. How 'alternative thyroid' is he? Is he open to non-TSH diagnosis? Or at least willing to consider the different reference ranges for it in other countries, etc etc?

Could anyone with any experience at his clinic etc PM me details, thoughts and maybe an idea of prices. I would be consulting via a telephone appointment.



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Sirona, I hope you had some PMs in response to this question.


Only one message about Dr Owen so far - there must be more people out there who've seen him...?


Sirona, Some people may get a weekly digest so perhaps they haven't seen your posts yet.


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