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Atrial fibrillation

Asking this for my friend who ended up in hospital last week because of atrial fibrillation.

He started to feel bad before bedtime and in the morning his heart rate was 170, he went to hospital and they managed to fix it by medication.

He was ordered thyroid tests week after. His TSH was 1.23 ( range is 0.4-4.5) and t4 18 , cannot remember the range but it is either 11-21 or 12-22.

Nothing else was tested.

He is tall and skinny. He eats a lot. He can eat 600 grams of candies in half an hour and dinner on top of it. He is also active, plays volley ball etc.

Now he confessed that he has had irregular heartbeat before. He feels he is intolerant to heat, sweats and is constantly hungry and thirsty. Also fast digestion and more bowel movements.

Last spring he also suffered long period of barely sleeping. He had hard time falling asleep and woke up around 4 am not able to sleep anymore. That was because of broken heart but he can have periods like that normally too.

I know waking up 4am could be adrenal issues.

There might be other symptoms as well.

So based on lab test it is not hyperthyroidism I guess.

He would want to go to doctor but is unsure what to ask.

Any ideas?

Edit :

He is 42 years old male. Otherwise no health issues.

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Justiina, Your friend's thyroid results are fine. If he is on thyroxine he isn't over replaced.

There is an AF Association on HU. Click on My Communities > +Browse Communities and type AF into the Search box.


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