Hey! I was diagnosed with hypo 20+ years ago & I have a problem but I'm not sure it's related to my thyroid. I have moles all over my body. Within the past few years, I have them everywhere. Some are flat, some are large, two on my face, etc. Does anyone know if my thyroid & these moles could be related? I would appreciate any info you can give! Thanks! bh

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Bhohstadt, they could be related.

Thyroid Gland – You may also develop moles if you have problems with your thyroid gland. As you know, your thyroid is responsible for producing hormones in your body. If your body is not able to produce such hormones, you could bet at risk of developing excessive moles. You should see your doctor to find out more about thyroid and mole production.

Thanks Clutter! For some reason, I thought the two might be related! The thyroid is such a complex organ! Thank you for giving me your info & for the related site. bh

I never realised this! I've been covered in moles since childhood and had malignant melanoma in my mid / late twenties. Just put it down to being a red head and having fair skin. Clemmie

Hey Barrister! Now , this gives me a reason not to wonder why moles were popping up all over me; the thyroid is so complex! Who knows what other mysteries there are about it!!!!!!! bh

I also have a lot of moles but mostly little red ones. I noticed a few years back that I was getting more, they are small red hard moles although I never thought if them as moles before reading this.

Hey Kathy, Thanks for your reply! A few of my moles are red, also. Some of them are flat; but I'm getting them everywhere! I have two rather dark, flat one in the cleavage of my breasts. I wish they (all of them) would just go away!!! Keep me posted if you find a way to get rid of them--without the needle. bhohstadt

Seems I have the same problem, lots have developed all over on my back especially, brown & red ones, thank goodness for mobile phone camera's, asked my hubby to take a few pictures of my back so that I can monitor any changes.


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