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Pulse 160

Hi all just feeling a bit frustrated with this thyroid prob. I had to recently drop my nature thyroid down to 2 grains. I was ok on 3 for abit then dropped to 2 1/2 now 2 All because of this hashimotos flare that's been chewing me up for 3 months now.

But it got so bad Monday morning 5 am when I was awoken with servere cramping tight chest pains it went on for 20 MINS so ended up in ambulance to A&E they gave me oxygen and nitro glycerine tablet as pain was in my left arm and neck chest and pulse 160. It passed my mind I was having a heart attack but knowing my little hashimotos friend I suspected it was him.

Anyway hospital wired me up, Sinus tachycardia and all related to the hashimotos hypothyroidism.

So after 24 hours was sent home. They recomended I see an endo, ha I did that for 7 years and just number watched.

Its all very scary and it keeps reminding me what am living with 17 years.

I don't want it to win.

I am gluten free dairy free egg free grain free but not hashi free.😠

Anyway calmer now on a lower dose but am waiting for the hypo swing.

Thanks moan over 😂

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I am glad you are now home from hospital but am sorry you had to experience such a high pulse rate. When you're on your own or at home it is scary as you cannot control your fast heart beat. Particularly with hashimotos, you don't know when the thyroid gland will send too much hormones into your system.

Best wishes.


Jobeth, you have my sympathies. I found the Hashi attacks extremely debilitating but was told they were non-thyroidal because bloods were euthyroid. There really needs to be more credence given to how autoimmune disease impacts outside of the hypothyroidism it causes.


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