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Symptoms subsiding???

Is it possible with Hoshimotos and the worst debilitating symptoms ever for almost a whole year..... No treatment..... Is it possible that symptoms are subsiding on their own???!!! I haven't had any good days in a year and the last two or three have been almost normal. What's this about?? No new med or any med, no new anything or change in diet

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Funnygembunni, it seems likely you've been having Hashimoto's attacks for a long while to have high antibodies. You will feel better when the attacks stop for as long as they stop. Gluten-free diet can be helpful in reducing further attacks and antibodies.


The 'normal' spot on the Hashi's swing can last for years. Mine certainly did. Followed by one massive hyper swing and... the end. Everybody is different, so difficult to say how long any swing is going to last at any given point. But if you had your antibodies tested, it would give you more information, I suppose. Hashi's just doesn't go away by itself, I'm afraid.


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