Should we get our daughters tested?

Reading up on postpartum thyroiditis, the effects of which are currently being movingly described by Ameliasmummy, I see that having thyroid antibodies at low levels before pregnancy increases a woman's chances of developing this.

Obviously, this risk isn't big enough for the NHS to justify screening. But - should those of us with thyroid antibodies be making sure our daughters check to see if they have any (privately, obviously) before getting pregnant?

I think I'm going to do that. I think pregnancy probably triggered my own condition. And if something like 3 per cent of young people in Germany have "asymptomatic" antibodies - as I read in research - then there are many young women at risk out there.

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  • Aspmama, I have advised my niece to get a thyroid test so she has a baseline 'feel good' level as her mother has Graves and I had Hashimoto's. She thinks it's a good idea but I doubt she'll get around to it while she feels well but I hope she does it before she tries to conceive.

    If I could wave my magic wand thyroid levels would be tested at puberty, pre-conception, during pregnancy and post pregnancy.

  • Absolutely. Especially as there may be links to developmental delays for a percentage of babies of mothers with subclinical, undiagnosed thyroiditis. Says the mother of the Asperger's son.

  • Aspmama, mind you, knowing you felt well with TSH x, FT4y and FT3z isn't much use when you have doctors who stick to the 'your results are normal' mindset.

  • Sure, but if you had proof that you had thyroid antibodies at the beginning of pregnancy you'd have a good platform to make them check on your thyroid during the pregnancy - pulling out the research. And you'd also have good motivation to check your ferritin etc at the beginning and keep your iron, D and B vitamins up throughout. And you'd be on the watch for any thyroiditis after the birth - apparently it is often missed.

  • Amelia's mummy here. New username. After everything I'm dealing with I will definitely be keeping a eye on my daughter xx

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