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Left side feels weird

About over a week ago I had another major pani attack and since then chest lot of the times felt like its on edge. I was sometimes getti g weird feeling in arms as well al9ng with tingling in fingers but last few couple of days i've been getting weird feeling all down my left side along with pa8ns in arms and headche.

Everytime i've bee in hospital attacks my ecg has been fine but getting concerned that it might turn into stroke or heart attack.

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Hypo101, If ECGs are good you are very unlikely to have a heart attack or stroke. The panic/anxiety may be causing the chest weirdness and headaches. Have you had B12 tested? Pins and needles and tingling, especially in hands and feet, can be due to B12 deficiency.


B12 is 233 which i think is very low but docs won't do anyhinf so im taking supplements


Hypo101, yes it's very low. You need to take 5,000mcg daily for a couple of months to boost levels. 1-2,000mcg should be enough after that.


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