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Reacting badly to probiotics - is there any 100% gluten free?

I have been feeling super bad recently and I have figured out maybe it is my probiotics. This has happened to me before, I was really weak for weeks after taking some probiotics. Later on I found our they contain gluten and milk, more so they were cultured in milk or gluten.

Back then I had not even heard about hashimoto so obviously could not think I could have it and that is why I could be sensitive.

Now I have been taking some solgar strong probiotics that is not supposed to contain milk or dairy and yet I find I have been feeling worse and worse. Not stomach issues just general weakness and lower body temperature than usual. Feeling just awful.

I have not even taken so much . One capsule mixed with coconut cream and made yoghurt of that. Eaten that 3-4 days.

So I figured it could be the probiotics. Is there any absolutely dairy/gluten free?

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Yes there is a gluten and dairy-free probiotic called SYMPROVE. I have Pernicious Anaemia,and the tummy problems that often accompany it! I have found symprove to be very very helpful. It is a water-based liquid, whch you take every morning at least 10 minutes before you eat or drink. It is quite expensive, at around £18 for a 500 ml bottle. You need 600ml each day so it lasts about 8 days. You can get a deal where by you buy 3 bottles and get the 4th free. There are plenty of offers on the internet, or get onto the Symprove web-site and read all about it. I have taken it for 4 months,and the improvement was fantastic. I'm trying smaller doses now-so far so good. Hope that this helps. Best of luck to you.


Thanks! Will look for it right away :)


Hi Justina, I take healthspan super20 Pro I have just phoned them to confirm both lactose and gluten free 60 capsules are £15.95. they have a website, if you want to order let me know and we can both get £5 discount


Hi Justiina,

I make my own probiotic yoghurt with coconut milk and Holland & Barrett Acidophilus with Pectin capsules with 3 billion active cultures. It's gluten, dairy, lactose free along with other free from stuff such as porcine. The product re-order number is # HB1540. I actually empty the capsules into coconut milk in my yoghurt maker and add a little agave nectar or zylitol and let the yoghurt maker do it's stuff and then put it in the fridge.

I hope this helps.

TT xx.


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