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I have a family history of under-active thyroid and have regular blood tests, which are always border line according to my GP. I have recently started a weight loss programme as I have put on weight over the years and am not really loosing weight. I have no energy, am loosing feeling in my hands, am always cold and tired. My last blood test is again border line but instead of repeating in a year he wants to repeat in 6 months. He also did a broad spectrum blood test and my muscle function test came back abnormal and to repeat in 2-3 week. I have made an appointment to discuss with him on Thursday but don't know what to ask or where to move forward from here. Any help would be appreciated.

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You're entitled to a copy of your blood test results, GPs receive very little training on thyroid matters so don't take their word for 'normal' or 'borderline'. There may be a small charge for this.

Post them up on here so members can comment.


And to add to cinnamon-girl's comment, make sure you get results that include actual numbers (not just the word "normal") and also the reference range for each test.


Its vital you get copies of the actual test results in figures inc reference ranges

You need

Thyroid Antibodies


Free T4

Free T3




Vit D3


with all those results especially over a period of time the reason for your problems should be blindingly obvious


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