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Looking for a thorough diagnosis

Hi, I've just joined this site and wonder whether anyone lives near St Helens in Merseyside and knows a good Endocrinologist in the area. If so would you message me with the details please as I've been banging my head against a brick wall with the GP and have had many symptoms for some time but am unsure whether they are thyroid or maybe pernicious anaemia as a lot of the symptoms seem to overlap. I have been diagnosed already with Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis but those diagnosis do not account for a lot of my symptoms so I will appreciate any info. Many thanks. Sue

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What symptoms and what actual test results do you have ?

you need a print out of all tests that have been done but especially




Thyroid antibofies




vit d3


Then we can help furthur


I have only had general bloods done and my GP says all fine, they won't do anything more detailed. My symptoms are - exhaustion, brittle nails with ridges, pins and needs in hands/feet, IBS, vertigo/balance problems even when lying down, asthma which doesn't respond to inhaler, legs and feet that are always sore, irritability, hair loss/thinning, confusion which I put down to bring fibro fog, rapid greying of hair, vitiligo, dizziness, mouth ulcers, numbness to various limbs at different times, depression, vision problems despite having new glasses. The level of tiredness and aching are the most obvious things and I have always put them down to fibro. My Cholesterol is very slightly raised but not too much, I take a low dose of Citalopram and 800mg Vit D. That's all so far. My diet is generally good, plenty of protein, fruit, milk and dairy products, homemade soups, etc.


I live in South Liverpool, have been seeing an endocrinologist, at the Liverpool Royal, but wouldn't recommend her.

I've been going my own way, getting private blood tests and stuff. This forum is amazing, if you can get the results reallyfedup lists, they they will be able to tell you whether you do have thyroid problems. With much more expertise than you will get from a GP or Endo.

You may have to get the tests privately yourself. I'm not too experienced in the best way, but I think Blue Horizon and Geneva are the two names to look up. Some tests can be done with a finger prick at home, for others you need to find a phlebotomist willing to draw for you (in my area this is easy. About half the sites will do it for you for free).


Hi, thanks for replying. Yes I have been looking at having bloods done privately though I do object to doing that as I have paid for endless therapy because there was only very short term available through the NHS, and am still paying for a couple of other services because locally they have been sold off and offer only group support. But I will talk with my hubby about whether to get the bloods done - via the home active test - I haven't found any for free, only ones that charge around £90! I will investigate further. x


Yes,it's a total scandal! I'm very much hoping my improvement with adrenal support is going to continue, but I'd it does it will will be absolutely no thanks to the NHS and conventional medicine.

I couldn't believe it when I realised that they would do nothing to help me. I've had thyroid cancer, and the very endocrinologist who removed my thyroid was telling me there was nothing she could do to to make me well (I'm off work and largely housebound). I'm afraid all they really look at is the one, TSH number. There isn't the understanding that we usually have more complex illnesses, three things have caused caused and effects, etc.

With the cost I always think it's costing me thousands of pounds of lost earnings to be be ill, and if I can return to work even part time I'll be making that money back. But depends how you are set up for working, etc. I'm 36, so I expected to have a lot of working years ahead of me!


Go back to your gp and directly ask for the tests i have suggested as its been strongly suggested by this site that you may be hypothyroid and to also think about central hypothyroid as well as primary since the TSH will be low for central but high for primary


Secondhandrose, email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk for a list of endos recommended by members. Most endos, NHS and private, require a GP referral letter.

You can order private thyroid and vitamin tests from Blue Horizon and Genova via thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...


Thanks for that info, I came across Blue Horizon yesterday but not Genova so will investigate - not today as we are emptying our kitchen in readiness for a partial overhaul... I'm exhausted! I won't go via my GP but will do it privately and then take the results to her.

Thanks to the other people who responded as well. x


Secondhandrose, you can post the results with the lab ref ranges (figures in brackets after results) in a new question for advice before you see your GP.


Yes, thanks, I will do that though it won't be until our kitchen is sorted I expect! x


I think someone was recommending an endo in Warrington not long back so its probably on the list


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