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Thyroid problems?

I think I may have a thyroid problem but recently with other health problems ive had I dont want to bother my doctor again but I am concerned as to what is wrong with me.

I'm tired, sad, anxious, eating more than usual, my head feels cloudy, i can feel my heart having what seems like palpatations, my skin is so dry I need to moisturies several times a day, my bowels are very unpredictable and I have no idea whats going on with them, my muscles are aching constantly, im either too hot or too cold, my sleeping pattern is messing with my working schedule and no matter what i do i cant seem to change it and my hair is practically dropping out of my head and my hair is so thin Im wearing a hat nearly all the time now as i am very self concious about it.

Please can someone give me some advice as to whether it is worth bothering my doctor about?

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Yes absolutely, that's their job! Do please bother your doctor because you are unwell.

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Thank you very much, just think he is sick of me as ive been there constantly for the last couple of weeks!

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If anything, he will be frustrated with himself not you because it's his job to diagnose and then treat your illness. This hasn't happened yet and that is not your fault xx


Thank you very much :) x


Well if he sorted out your health problems, ( as he paid to do) you wouldn't need to go back to him. Don't be apologetic, he is being paid by you . You wouldn't apologise to, say, a garage mechanic if you took you car in several times. In fact you would probably get quite irate if he failed to fix the problems, but kept charging you.


Maybe this will help:



Ask for a full Thyroid Function Test but usually GP or lab wont do more than the basic TSH/T4.



I do so understand!

If it wasn't for the nurse practioner at my surgery ordering a full blood panel when I went in to have a painful toe looked at (gout!) I would never have found at that I was hypothyroid. When the results came back with a TSH of 27+ my GP said, "Well that might explain some of your visits to me about the frozen shoulders, low mood, dreadfully dry skin, lichen sclerosus ......" etc. etc.

Go and see him and put your mind at rest!

And when the results come back ask for them and the reference levels (just in case something's up and doc says you are "normal".......you know the score!). Good luck :)


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