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good evening.

Found 4.4 thyroid in report of my wife. she is cont medicine for that also. Dr told us that we can do family planning in that level of thyroid.

I am confused weather we should wait up to <2.3 or we can go ahead for planning?

Dr also told as there will be no problem in yr family planning with this range, she will manage if any abnormality found in the report.

Please suggest me what should i do?


Harish Mistry

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hari_74809, conception can be difficult and the risk of miscarriage increases when TSH is >2.0

NICE recommendations for hypothyroid women planning pregnancy and newly pregnant say TSH should be in the low-normal range 0.4-2.0.

As soon as your wife's pregnancy is confirmed her Levothyroxine dose should be increased by 25-50mcg to ensure good foetal development during the first trimester when the foetus is dependant on maternal thyroid hormone.

You'll only be able to access the link below if you are in the UK.


She is already taking Levothyroxine dose 50 mcg from last 15 days. we are thinking for baby planning in coming 10 days.

we had discuss this things with our gynec as i mentioned earlier & she told us for trying.

is it ok or not?


Hari, I don't see why not, gynae seems confident and TSH is barely over the 2.0 recommended.

Good luck to you both :)


How is 4.4 'barely over 2.0'?


Thanks, GG. Quite right, I misread it as 2.3.




Hari, GG has pointed out that TSH 4.4 is considerably over 2.0. I misread your post as TSH 2.3. I'd advise waiting a little longer before attempting pregnancy, ideally wait until TSH is 2.0..

I'm sorry for my error.

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Its ok Clutter.....Thank you very much to both of u for a wonderful guidance.


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