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Iodine, low levels in UK women

A letter to the Editor of the Times today 5/5/15 . May be of interest to members. Adding Iodine to salt because of deficiency and concerns by public health officials. An Iodine fact sheet can be downloaded from British Dietetic Association website. Letter signed by Prof J Lazarus, UK Iodine group, Cardiff Uni, Dr E Combet, Glasgow Uni and Janis Hickey British Thyroid Foundation.

At least there seems to be some research related to Thyroid!

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Yes, but is it all in relation to iodine? Iodine deficiency is not the main cause of hypothyroidism, autoimmune Hashi's is - and that can be caused by excess iodine. Adding it to salt so that everybody gets it - like fluoride in water, although that has no nutritional value! - seems a bit heavy-handed. Especialy as they add it to industrial salt, which is not a good thing in itself. I really believe we have to keep iodine in perspective.


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