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Blood tests back!

So my next blood tests to try & get diagnosed were done to rule out that I'm peri menopausal I guess as my FSH/LH bloods were done ( or even menopausal) but apparently they came back normal so I assume that means I'm not!

Prolactin also came back normal and I know increased levels are linked to thyroid issues and I also know that normal doesn't mean anything as apparently I'm normal with a TSH of 3.4!

I guess not being peri menopausal is a good thing because then the dr can't blame my symptoms on that and it gives me weight to support the thyroid issues more and actually get me the full blood tests required. If he won't do them then I will just go private!

So back to making yet another appointment - since I've been doing more research I've discovered that I have a scalloped tongue and that my fat isn't fat but fluid because I can't pinch it!

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I wouldn't assume normal is normal, plus if you haven't seen them it's worth asking for them, my Gp fobbed me off that everything was normal and I asked for a printout and went home and had a good look through .... would you believe there were several asterisk markers against certain levels as being out of range (one was for a specific area I'd been complaining of symptoms in!) and she had refused to do any further investigation as there was nothing untoward... I can't bring myself to go back I'm so angry at being dismissed like that... So do get a copy and do some research, I learnt a lot about the state of me that day x


I insisted on a print out for my 1st lot of bloods and will do the same again for these! I just rang up for the results despite them saying they will ring you, they never do!

Makes me so angry that people are so fobbed off with thyroid issues & I really don't know why they don't run a full test of bloods in the first place as would save everyone time! Whatever happened to Drs treating patients holistically?!



insist on Free T4

Free T3

Thyroid Antibodies




Vit d3 being tested


That's my next request!!!!


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