So tired afraid I'm going to pass right out!

Okay, until I get to the PCP since the rheumatologist found that my anti DNA and thyroid peroxidase to be over 600, he took TSH labs and wants to see me day Aftwr tomorrow. These symptoms have been persisting since the day they started last July 7th. I've not been the same person since and it took them them this long to figure out it even has to do with my thyroid..... My question is.... How can I battle this serious fatigue and feelings of passing out? The dizziness is too much and I've got a 20 month old active child at home and falling asleep without control is seriously not an option. There has got to be something to counteract this sleepiness and dizziness until my PCP can come up with a plan.... Anybody else feel almost narcoleptic? It's scary

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  • Funnygembunni, there's no quick fix for hypothyroid fatigue. If your labs are out your physician will prescribe Levothyroxine which will help in a few weeks but until then you need to sleep and rest to conserve energy as much as you can.

  • What do I do if.... Like I've heard can happen.... What if my TSH isn't off and the PCP doesn't plan to treat it??

  • Funngembunni, If TSH isn't abnormal you need to ask for FT4 and FT3 to be tested. TSH is a pituitary hormone and may be sufficient to diagnose primary hypothyroidism but it isn't sufficient to rule out secondary hypothyroidism which can be caused by lack of TSH stimulation to the thyroid gland.

    Get a printout of your results and post them in a new question and members will advise. Ultimately, if hypothyroidism is ruled out another cause for your fatigue should be investigated and the vitamin/mineral blood tests recommended below are a good place to start.

  • Funnygembunni, realistically thyroid hormone problems can take a long time to sort out so perhaps devising a few strategies to help you mentally cope could be a positive step.

    Introducing quiet time after trips to the park, maybe watching a DVD whilst cuddling on the sofa would allow you to rest your eyes for a few minutes. Also organised sitting down games, puzzles and coloring saves lots of mess all over the house and conserves your energy. And perhaps you could ask friends or family to help more with child care.

    It is hard enough feeling so unwell but hugely more difficult when you have small children to look after. Hope you feel better soon.

  • I hope you get the treatment you need.

    I've had hypothyroid and B12 defic symptoms for years (with no treatment from NHS) and at one point had three children under the age of 5.

    Have you heard of Home Start? Its a UK charity that helps families with young children.

  • My gosh I don't know how you accomplished that! I commend you :-) I live in upstate New York though, there are no charities like that however since this all started, my old personality of I am Wonder Woman and can do it all by myself has drastically changed. I allowed my sons father to move back in To help with the children and housework. I've learned to ask for all the help I need and to take it when it's there!

  • Ask your dr to do Vitb12,folate,iron,ferritin Vit d,Your b12 should be over 450 if you eat red Sally Pacholok book Could it be B12 ?

  • I'm unsure but I have started a liquid oral b- complex supplement and I must say it has helped a bit

  • I agree with Marylyn about B12 etc. testing. Autoimmune thyroid disease and B12 are often interlinked:

  • True but I would say you need your B12 up the top of the range, not just 450. If you plan to get your B12 tested, stop the liquid B complex, it will skew the results.

    If you are deficient, you will need about 700 daily methylcobalamin. There is not enough B12 in a B complex to do anything much. Also, B complexes usually contain cynocobalamin, which isn't as wall absorbed.

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