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Wrong Dose?

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in the last week of January. I started on WP Thyroid 32.5mg on February 6th. The first few weeks, I felt more energy, sleeping better, and even felt a little lighter. The fourth week, I went back to feeling fatigue and sluggish. I had a followup appointment on April 1st, which the doctor drew blood and said I was on the right dose, to just keep taking it and come back in 3 months to check again. When I got my prescription refilled, they gave me Nature-Throid 32.5mg instead, and since I didn't realize the pharmacy would give a different brand without notifying me, I didn't check the bottles. This was a little over a week ago, and now I have been feeling miserable in the mornings no matter how much sleep I get, I just want more sleep. I feel extremely tired and slow, confusion is returning, slow mental process, extremely sensitive to cold, and really hard to concentrate and stay awake during work hours. I am beginning to wonder if I am even responding to the medication or if I am on the right dose? My doctor never gave me the blood work, he just discussed the results with me. But he said that since it was my first time treating for it, he would start me on the lowest dose and go from there... anyone have any advice or suggestions?? I would love to start working out again to help lose weight and also to feel better, but I just don't have the energy to push myself to do it....

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Adflores, get a copy of your blood results from your GP receptionist or secretary and post them with the lab ref ranges for comment. Thyroid meds are usually started low and increased in small increments every 6-8 weeks until symptoms resolve. GP's 'normal' usually means within range but that isn't the same as optimal which you need to feel well.


Will do, I will call them today..thank you


Always try to stick with the same brand if your body is happy with it. Particularly when you are starting your thyroid journey it's best to have no cariables except dose increase so then you have a better idea how it is working and it's not something else that's happening-one step at a time is something to keep reminding yourself. Many of us feel better at first and then start to slide back a little. I think what is happening is that you feel great! Some you wash those curtains you have been mwaning to so for ages or you take the dog on a long walk etc. ud you think about it you probably didn't do everything you wanted or needed to do but with treatment you start to feel like a new person but by doing the extra things you are using up more energy so start to flag again. When you have a retest it will most likely show you need another increase and that's what you will be doing for a while till you hopefully find the level that suits you. Don't try to cut corners though, doesn't work well if you take a leap into the unknown as you stand the risk of over dosing and have to drop down again. Baby steps at a time!


I think that could be it.. the week I started the medication, I was working out of town, and pulling in over 50hrs a week.. which felt great to be able to do without falling asleep in the middle of work.. I got so much done around the house, felt better to go visit my daughter's grave and all.. but then it all went down again..barely enough energy to get through the work day, and my mood swings are huge, can't stop to think about my daughter that I cry, can't watch tv shows and I cry...not to mention weight gain again... had lost 5lbs but gained it all back...I guess I just am anxious to see results not realizing that it's only been a month and a half of treatment, and it most likely took about a year to get to the point I am today... but thank you for the advice, I will try to take it slow, and stick to one brand.. one step at a time!!

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