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gastroscopy today

went for the gastoscopy this morning which wasn't to bad

Diagnoses Oesophagus non-circular Barretts epithelium from 36 to 38cm within (a) Haitus hernia sliding of length 2cm within (b)


Oesophagus .Barretts muscosa and hiatus hernia

Stomach normal

Duodeum normal

i had 3 biopsys from my oesophagus .

can low thyroid cause any of this ?

be glad for your replies worried and should not be on my own untill tomorrow

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Hi Sue, Barretts and hypothyroidism can be co-illnesses but I don't think one causes the other. I hope you're feeling ok after the gastroscopy. I think PPIs are often prescribed with Barretts. Don't let forum members try to dissuade you from using them. Barretts is one of the conditions where they should be taken. You may need to supplement B12 methylcobalamin as lowering stomach acid makes it difficult to convert B12 from food.

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Hi Clutter ,many thanks for your concern .I was going to go through it with no sedation but a bloke sitting waiting for his told me his versions of the last 3 he had lol any way it wasnt too bad the spray on my throat felt awful and tasted of bananas ,I get the results of the biopsy back in about 2 weeks .I am hoping they can do more as my stomach is so swollen and feels heavy as if all my inside are pushing forward ,i am going to have to get use to eating small meals as i feel as if they are getting stuck going down .I know i will have to keep on with omeprazole but will ask GP if there is any thing better i can take. or if there is an op they can do.I also need to talk to him about vits and minerals as when i was first diagnosed my b12 was really low but they said it was in range ..b12\228 range 160-980, serum folate 4.6 range 3-0- 17-00 but that was 5 years ago and was told it goes up and down on its own doh !!!

sue xx


Sue, if you've been on Omeprazole and suffering digestion problems for a while you should ask for B12 and folate to be retested. If your results are within range NHS won't treat but you can buy sublingual lozenges, spray or patches and self supplement. B12 228 was very low. I don't think it improves without supplements or injections but could be wrong. Ask for ferritin and vitD to be tested too, they're often deficient/low in hypothyroid patients.


Will do clutter hoping to get an app in the morning to see my gp. Will write everything so I don't forget .i am just fed up with everything and longing to be well again .how do you cope. Suexx


Hypothyroidism can cause these sorts of problems, see . However, I believe you had atrial fibrillation so it's difficult to see how to proceed but I think they should try giving you more levothyroxine to see if it resolves the issue.


Hi jim thankyou for your reply ,i feel so tired today and my stomach is really uncomfortable i so hope they can do something for me .I am on erfra started it 2 weeks ago tomorrow before that i was on Armour ,i have upped the erfra my self buy 15 ? felt as if i needed more ,i have to have bloods taken in 2 weeks then phone endo up ,dont you just get fed up with it all

hugs sue xx


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