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feeling off

last week went to drs as felt really sick, light headed, kind of like i had been drinking heavily

dr said prob thyroid

anyway the feeling is not going its like a sickness bug without the nasties

i get paniky and light headed, headaches

went for bloods today nurse says could thyroid or anemia

i have zero energy

panic attacks when i try sleeping at night

constantly feel sick light headed and internal shakes

poor memory

lack of concentration

eating because food is made for me

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Mandy, sorry you are feeling so rough, it could be thyroid, so its good you had bloods tested. Post your blood results with the lab ref ranges when you get them and members will be able to advise.


I have had this for three weeks my GP says it is the cabrimazole and the Endo says its not and since my T4 and T3 are well within normal range and my TSH is 0.01 it is highly unlikely to be my thyroid. I am fed up feeling this way but other than anti sickness pills there is nothing I can do.

Hope you have better luck


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