Need some feedback quickly please. I am hypo and my sister is hyper! She has just left the house to go on holiday and left her carbizmole are home. Ahhhhh! She takes 5 mg a day and sometimes forgets. Does she named to see an emergency doctor whilst in Cornwall to get some medication or will she survive a week without feeling dreadful do you think? Let me know and I will ass the message on. Thanks

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  • Try going to a chemist in Cornwall as soon as she arrives+ explain she's accidentally left her carbamizole at home. Sometimes they will let you have emergency prescription drugs, without a script, in these situations. But don't know about carbimazole.

    If the pharmacist can't give it out, then they can at least point you in the right direction for an emergency GP.

    She definitely shouldn't go without her meds.


  • I went away a few years ago without my pills. I went to a chemist as suggested and they told me which surgery to visit. Got a same day appointment with a nice friendly doctor who seemed to quite enjoy meeting someone from another area and after a bit of a chat I came away with my prescription. If you get your Carbimazole on repeat prescription from a chain like Boots it might be easier - I didn't at that time. I've done the same in Scotland when my mother was ill but that was slightly different because I knew I was going to run out and it wasn't a rushed job.

  • Thank you

  • Thank you!

  • Carbimazole has a very short life in the body - so short that if possible (i.e. on higher doses) it is strongly advised to split dose.

    I suggest that she does need to do something. Rach67 is right. Failing that, maybe try 111? See what they suggest. Had it not been a bank holiday weekend, I'd have suggested her GP might fax or email a prescription to a suitable pharmacy.

  • I'm not sure where you are in cornwall, but there is a walk in GP on Cardrew industrial estate in Redruth, open 8am -8pm you don't need to register just provide name etc and then you sit and wait. They are very helpful.

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