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More About The Thyroflex Machine

It starts off as it it's about the unfortunate demise of Ann Nicole Smith, but it isn't really. I Don't really know what the point of the article is. It slams HGH therapy - although surely there must be legitamate uses for it in adults - and then goes on to talk about various thyroid doctors and their methods of diagnosis. Interesting but rather a mess.

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Interesting link - I found my way to LDN for Crohns - which I have been considering.....


Yes, I've been considering it too, but only considering. Do you have a doctor that will prescribe it?


No I went to one of the websites - where there is a Doc who will prescribe it. I completed all the forms and sent evidence of my Hashimotos - ( copies of blood test results ) and the Crohns ( pics of scans of my somewhat depleted gut with roundabouts !! )

They were happy with that. I pulled out at the last minute as my Physio is treating the AB's with Acupuncture - free for a month. Know you don't agree - but hey it's worth a try. Also trying to reduce cortisol. I go twice a week and have a doze ! Will let you know the outcome :-) - if there is one .....


Am I reading that wrong?

This Dr Kuntz says thyroid treatment is the best anti-aging treatment for skin hair etc

Why doesn't it work that way for me!

😱 Pp

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Probably because you're not on a high-enough dose. It works for a lot of people.


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