Has anyone come across a new treatment for symptoms of hypothyroidism called Rinataduren? Apparently in trials of female hypothyroid patients it was found to overcome most symptoms of hypothyroidism including tiredness, depression and loss of libido. I'd be interested if anyone has any further information as I'm struggling to find anything in Pubmed or other authorative sources.


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  • Google came up with no results at all! :(



  • Maybe it's a spelling issue?

  • Given the date... I came up with:

    nature drain

    true and rain

    rein ndt aura

  • You need viagra!

  • Oh dear, it always happens on the morning of 1st April every year, I get all the letters mixed up. XXXXX XXXXXX. It was revealed on BBC1 last Sunday evening.

  • ...sounds like that awful drug they kids for ADHD..... :-(

  • It's not for kids!!! It's for adults - mainly women. Surprised noone has solved the anagram.

  • Rather a cruel joke, Don't you think? Giving people hope only to dash it to the ground.

  • Sorry, it was an April fool with the intention of cheering people up.

    'Rinataduren' is an anagram of 'Aiden Turner', who is all over the newspapers at the moment. I felt sure someone would work it out quite quickly given all the clues and the fact it was 1st April. Apologies if anyone was upset, I meant it to have the opposite effect and brighten up the day.

  • Ah, but some of us Don't read it til 2nd April. Personally, I've never heard of Aiden Turner, but then I Don't read newspapers. Oh! Is he Poldark?

  • Poldark, yes. I also don't read newspapers, my reason being that I don't want to end up ignorant! However, the news about Aiden has been everywhere, even on this forum. Sorry if I caused any distress.

  • Not for me you didn't. I was just thinking of those that are new to this and desperately seeking solutions.

    OK, so what is the news about Aiden? I have no idea! lol

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