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One for the boffins! How does premature testing of thyroid hormones after a raise skew results?

I know this seems like an odd question but I'm just interested to know. We are told it takes x number of weeks for everything to level off in our blood ie 6-8 weeks after a dose increase. But if we test too soon what are the results likely to look like?

Yes I know it's an odd question!


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According to this post, TSH takes time to change, and the conversion rate changes when you add or subtract from your dose:

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Great article thank you.


You're welcome!


you can see changes at 4 weeks. They go up very little after that point anyway. They can be measured, even sooner and they can do a calculation as to what the end result will look like at 4 weeks. People in Hypothyroid Comas, have labs constantly monitored ..t3, by the hour, t4 daily. It is best to treat by symptoms , labs are deceiving.


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