helo everyone.. i just want to ask some advice about my situation.. i've read on this column about this kind of illness, and i have this kind of symptoms of hypothyroidism.. dry cough for about 3 weeks already.., easy get tired, stress, dry hair, falling hair,, and sometimes muscle cramping.. i went to the doctor for thyroid blood test and x ray already but i dont have the result yet,because that is a public doctor/hospital.. is it possible, or is it good to take the levothyroxine even without the prescription yet of the.doctor because i thought, the symptoms i have is a symptoms of hypothyroidism.. pls give me some advice! thank u

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  • Hello, It is always better to wait for your test results before self medicating without knowing for sure. If you take Levo with needing it then you may well send your body into Hyperthyroidism. Good luck with your results ;)

  • yes, what is suggested is correct.

  • Not really advisable to self medicate without some kind of evidence. It won't take long for results and medication is a long term thing anyway, so it won't magically go away. And your symptoms could be something completely different, so wait and see.

    That said, get a printout of your results and post them here for people to comment on.

  • You could have LOW Iron - Folate - B12 - VitD - Ferritin. These need to be tested. If they are low you can experience symptoms similar to be Hypo.

    How is your diet ? Do have any gut issues ?

  • Well the doc gave me mebeverine for IBS last year. They did help ease the tense stomach muscle but i put on rediculous amount of weight in a short period of time i look like im pregnant sometimes. I take these now if i feel bloated but not on a regular basis as i found they made me full of wind which makes more pain. No i would never self medicate im not that brave just wandered if anything herbal or vitamins would help.

  • without knowing the results of your tests we cant help or advise

    no point taking meds if you do not actually need them because something else is wrong

  • Thank you. No i take nothing im not prescibed .

  • When you have the results post them on here and people will feedback. I would definitely get the cough checked out as you've had it for 3 weeks - that should send out alarm bells. I could be nothing serious, could be rhinitis or something similar. My dad passed away 2 and a half years ago from lung cancer - he had a cough that would not go away. He was also in a nursing home so if the staff had taken notice - he would still be alive today. He was diagnosed with lung cancer previous to that back in 2004 and 5 years later had the all clear after going through both chemo and radiotherapy. However, it came back and neither family nor the nursing home got it checked out. I have been living away for years (had to move away to get work) so wasn't around to know what was going on.

    There has been a lot on the news recently, they do say a cough 3 weeks or longer needs to be checked out.x

  • this is life medication that should be monitored through blood levels. this isn't like take a coffee for a pick me up. allergies make you tired and give you dry cough and weight gain. don't be a doctor. my advice: go to one! but in USA an integrated doctor will get you natural thyroid Armour once you have a blood test.

  • Without any doubt, I would not recommend you take thyroxine without a doctor prescribing it. Your symptoms could be many things. I would wait until you know for sure.

  • hi i,m waiting on results from hospital i have some of those symtoms but dont have dry cough,but i,m on thryoid med and blood pressure med,so i cant realy help u

  • Only a blood test can tell. Do not medicate without blood test.

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