What is the best time to have a Cortisol test?

I'm sorry I know people have probably told me this before but I find it difficult and tiring trying to navigate this site and finding old replies. My last Cortisol test was just before 10 am and I think somebody told me that was too late although it is early for me!! I would be hard-pressed to get down to the surgery much before this.

I am due to have a repeat one in May.


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I had a 9 am Cortisol blood test last Wednesday, but this was all I could get at the GPs. As far as I can tell this only gives one reading of how I do early morning (not very early at that) and does not tell at all how I do the rest of the 24 hours. Would much rather have a 24 hour Cortisol Salivary Test, but NHS do not do this (although I think Southampton University Hospital College do this, but not sure as it was mentioned a couple of years ago). Will have this done by Genova Diagnostics when I can afford this. It was about £75 a few years ago.

Thanks for your reply, j-bee. £75 is a bit steep!

Foggmoggy, most people recommend before 9.00am for serum cortisol but feel the private saliva test 4 times a day is more telling.

Thanks Clutter. Before 9 am is very difficult for me and the private testing is very expensive at £75 so guess I will have to get there as early as I can

If your starting day is at 04:00, is a 09:00 cortisol test still accurate?

That's a great question, dee, and one I was alluding to in my question. I think surely it needs to be adapted to your natural rhythms. Maybe one of the admins will come on and clarify this.

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