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New to the site

Hello everyone. My name is Wendy. I live in the United Kingdom. I am new to posting on here, although I signed up a few weeks ago. First I would like to say how very sorry I am of how you are all suffering, but you still all take the time to help others. That is really nice and very kind. I am suffering myself, but will post about that shortly to see if I could have some advice. I wanted to introduce myself first so you knew who I was. Thank you. Xx

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Welcome Wendy! Sorry you have to find yourself here, but you'll find us a friendly bunch. I think for a lot of us it kind of helps to be helping, if that makes sense!

Ask away - expect a range of opinions!

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Welcome to the forum, Wendys-babies and thank you for your kind comments. I'm sure members will be able to advise when you post your questions.


Hello Wendys-babies and welcome

We will be happy to read your history when you feel ready to post. I am sure the members will help in any way they can.


I am relatively new to the site as well and I too am amazed at how kind and friendly people are and how generous everyone is with their advice and knowledge. It's this kind of thing that can get you through the day sometimes.


Thank you very much everyone. You are all very kind. Thank you also for offering me some help and advice. I really appreciate it. Xx


Hi Wendys babies and welcome to the forum. I only joined last November and it is one of the best things I have ever done. Since we are almost all in the same boat it is reassuring that the advice you get will be hard won by someone. If you have questions just post them, you will get helpful replies. They might not all agree with each other, but that is because this disease hits each of us differently. You just have to try things and see what works for you.

Barb x


Hi Wendy thank you for your lovely message. I have only been on here for a week and already received wonderful advice from so many people in response to my queries. Sue x


Hi Wendy, I'm in the U.S. but have been here for two years. Things are not quite as bad in the U.S. as in the UK so I hope you understand that most of the doctors are not up-to-date on newer methods and research. The NHS seems to refuse to look at symptoms when they feel the blood test numbers are within range.

You haven't said if you are receiving treatment or anything but when you post, I hope you can add what you are taking and what blood test results you have. It's always easier to have some background information. I hope you have started to read some of the articles in order to educate yourself. It will all help as you attempt to heal.


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