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not on carb anymore and feeling well but terrible itchy scalp - never had before - is it thyroid related?

I am very happy not to be on carb anymore (over 18 months I'd gone from 40mg daily to 5mg every other day)....I stopped taking carb in October and blood results have been really stable and good.

My only hassle was initail sneezing and allergy symptoms which have now abated but I have this itchy scalp, can feel tiny spots (and given have primary-aged daughter have really checked it isn't nits!!) Has anyone else had this? What is it? And most of all how do I get rid of it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Tilly,

Great to hear that you're finally off the carb!

I too have this occasionally, I think due to sweat! - nothing to do with dirty hair - and also allergy to metal hair grips. This only since having an overactive Thyroid.

I have betnovate scalp lotion which usually fixes it in a couple of days. Prescription only though. Hope this helps. 😊



Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x


You can try a vinegar final rinse after shampoo. I think a Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a quart of water. I also like to use baking soda before a shampoo. (The smell will go away) Pour some in the palm of your hand and after wetting your hair, dab baking soda on your scalp and rub it in. Then wash as usual.

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People with autoimmune diseases get all kinds of skin issues. The thyroid hormone has a huge effect on the skin.


I second Heloise's suggestion. I too am on no carbs. I started two years ago and have been very strict for over a year now. And I'm getting dry, itchy sections of scalp around my face. I've gone organic too so not SLS related. But when you go low carb the baddies in your body eg overgrowth of candida and bacteria tend to flare. Eg I got terrible perioral dermatitis way back at the start. The fact you've got little spots suggests it is something coming out of your system/flaring.

If it is yeast/candida then the watered down ACV as a final rince is great. It kills the yeast or at least reduces it. My hunch is that there are sugars in shampoos and conditioners (particularly organic ones) that feed the yeast.

I also bathe in ACV put a good glug of it in my bath along with a big handful of Epsom Salts. Smells a bit like a chip supper but works well on my skin.



Thank you, I'm still eating brown rice and potatoes and wheat-free pasta...... it's just strange to come up now but apart from looking like I've got nits and trying not to scratch am OK.....!


I am hypo and I have had itchy scalp on and off for a number of years. I went to the gp who tld me to use coal tar shampoo and no conditioner. It worked a treat, but of course my hair got extremely dry. I reintroduced a clear conditioner after about three weeks and can go for months before it flares up again. Perhaps this is something you can also try, it might work for you too. :-)


I'm hypo too and have itchy spots on my scalp which are not caused by any hair products. I've changed them a couple of times and they still persist. I'm very conscious of my constant scratching :(


I think mine was stress related started new job and it is getting a bit easier now and itching or less gone but thanks for replying...


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