Help! Massive migraines!

Can anyone help please? I have been on Carbimazole for 6 weeks, 20 mg a day, all was fine till last week, where I have woken every morning with a huge migraine, which doesn't abate until late afternoon. Could this be my meds. I take it before bed and then during the night I get a migraine. I am up a lot through the high as I have a young child with type 1 diabetes who requires a lot of checking through th the night, so can feel it all night. Help pleas, I cannot cope with this. I have 4 kids and work so can really do without this! TIA

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  • Maybe you should have your levels checked urgently. Carbimazole is very effective and you may find you now need a lower dose. My levels dropped in two weeks. Also perhaps try taking it in the morning and see if that helps, whilst you wait for blood results.

  • Thanks, only had them done just over a week ago & were still quite high, although had dropped considerably. Thanks for the advice. X

  • You could be magnesium deficient; this causes migraines and a whole host of other health problems. Try taking a supplement and read The Magnesium Miracle.

  • I had this problem till I realised I was intolerant to the fillers!!

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