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Unwanted impact of antibiotics broader, more complex than previously known

This is quite an interesting new study. PR

"Prior to this most people thought antibiotics only depleted microbiota and diminished several important immune functions that take place in the gut," Morgun said. "Actually that's only about one-third of the picture. They also kill intestinal epithelium. Destruction of the intestinal epithelium is important because this is the site of nutrient absorption, part of our immune system and it has other biological functions that play a role in human health."

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This makes sense to me. During my long fight for a diagnosis (which was eventually provided as "chronic fatigue" - the NHS doesn't agree I have thyroid/adrenal problems) one doc I saw told me I had a heart murmur and needed anti-biotic cover for any dental treatment. So I spent several years have unnecessary antibiotics every time I needed anything done at the dentists. In the end I asked to be referred to a cardiologist - who confirmed that my so-called "heart murmur" was nothing at all out of the ordinary.

Anyway, I do believe those years of unnecessary anti-biotic treatment caused me more health problems. It was after that time that my health started to get much much worse, including possible malabsorbtion of nutrients. :-(


Yes I have m.e diagnosis and my antibiotics journey started with repeated uterine infections following a miscarriage with severe complications and progressed through two weeks of various IV anitbiotics as I had septaecemia post embolisation of a massive fibroid and the final nail in the coffin was my last major surgery which would also have involved antibiotics, and of course all the trauma to my poor body from all these illnesses and operations. I would urge anyone with Gynae issues to ensure they get their oestrogen balanced with progesterone cream if needed, perhaps that would have saved me all this heartbreak!


Totally agree. Was on antibiotics for chronic sinusitis for a year continuously and on and off but mainly on for 5 years before that. Now have hashis and vitamin deficiencies.


Very interesting PR. Thank you for posting. I have learnt a lot from all the research you post on this forum.


Is this not the real reason GPs are told not to give too many antibiotics, and not that they are beginning to cause resistance to some bacteria? Thanks for posting PR, we need much more honesty in this so-called profession.


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