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DIY skin testing

Following the sudden arrival and then departure of my itchy rash I decided that I had nothing to lose doing some DIY skin tests before trying each of my suspect supplements and antibiotics to see if I reacted. I wasn't too keen on having the rash again!!!

My suspects were Amoxicillin (unlikely because the rash didn't appear until 2 days after I stopped it), Ashwagandha, Mallow plus (a mallow extract with some extra herbs), Lamberts cinnamon, Wholefood vitamin C, and Kefir.

I drew and labelled circles on my inner arm. In each circle a drop of water, and a dob of powder. Or in the case of milk and kefir a drop of the liquid. Then a little scratch with a sterilised pin - not to break the surface of the skin, just to scratch it.

I did the milk because I KNOW I am not allergic to it, having had a milk allergic child, and done all the skin tests years ago. So I thought it would be a good control. Well, that was the theory!

Surprise surprise, none of the supplements or antibiotics caused a problem, but I got a little red lump with the milk, and a bigger one with kefir. I have been making/drinking Kefir since I came home from hospital thinking it would help repopulate my gut flora. I rarely drink liquid milk, but love cheese!

Oh well, this isn't hugely scientific, I think the official skin tests are prepared in some special way. But its certainly a clear indicator. So a dairy free diet it is, for a while anyway. At least I know the rules inside out after 20 years of a dairy free house. The annoying thing is that my daughter is no longer allergic to it!!! She was tested in her late 20s and pronounced clear. And she inherited it from her paternal grandfather!

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Ruthi, it isn't scientific but it is a reasonable indication, I think. Certainly worth trying dairy free for 6-8 weeks to see if the rash disappears and reintroducing dairy to see if it comes back. Hopefully, like your daughter's allergy, it will be temporary.

I was allergic to strawberries through my childhood and teens, even a strawberry yoghurt would cause hives but since my twenties I can eat my own weight in strawbs without problems.

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Not scientific as in tried and tested on lots of people. But I just wanted a quick and dirty way of prioritising what I tested. When my daughter was little a drop of milk on her skin brought her up in a huge weal - not scientific, but very conclusive!

Took my mallow plus earlier and no immediate reaction, so that makes me happy!

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