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Help with my results please, tomorrow GP appt

Hey guys,

I need your help please. After 4 weeks on 50mcg my TSH was 4,9 (range 0,27 - 4,20) and FT4 15,2 (range 10 - 19). I increased my dose to 75mcg and after 7 weeks my results are: TSH 0,2 and FT4 17,8.

I notice some improvements in my symptomts since 2 weeks. Tomorrow I've got my GP appointment and wondering what I should suggest..Increasing is not an option I guess so I was thinking about getting my blood tested again in about 6 weeks? Is that logical?

Can my symptoms improve more on this dose since my body has been running on too low thyroid hormone for 7 years?

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Your GP will be happy with the results but the main point (which may be ignored) is 'how are you feeling'. Obviously all your symptoms haven't gone yet but has your GP tested your Vit B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate and these, if low, can cause symptoms too.

He hasn't tested your Free T3 which is a better test (pity no-one told them that). If T4 isn't converting sufficiently to T3, you may not feel so good. Take Vitamin C with T4 (levothyroxine) as it helps to convert to T3 and see how you get on over the next six weeks.

Did you take levothyroxine before your test? or afterwards?

It can take quite a while before you begin to feel much better. Your minerals/vitamins have to be towards the top of the range as well.

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I take high dose B12 (under the tongue) and vitamin D everyday for a year now. Ferritin was good last time checked (I believe it was 80). Also take a multivitamin everyday.

I take no levo for 24 hours if I have a blood test and always test as early as possible.

I will suggest to get my TSH, FT4 and FT3 checked in 6 weeks.

But it is possible that my body will get better and better on this dose? Since 2 weeks I feel more alive, eyes feel less heavy, less headache and thank god my horrible nausea is better.


Some people do fine on levothyroxine as long as the dose is at the optimum for that person. We are all different. Some doctors go by the TSH alone and the patient still suffers clinical symptoms. Ideally, this is the way they should treat us.


Anyone else any thoughts?


Agree with the others really. I find it takes a while for the to catch up with the dose then it may need a slight adjustment to fine tune


Thank you! My GP is happy for me that I'm starting to feel better. My results are good and she said it's more important how I feel than what my results are (because my TSG is a bit too low but that's fine).

I will give it time and hopefully I will feel better and better. How long can this take? Weeks or months?


Also agree with the others. If you don`t start feeling better soon it might be worth having your FT3 tested privately if your GP won`t do it. I did and mine was very low in the range. Getting it prescribed however is proving difficult.


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