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Behind the Veil: Conflicts of Interest and Fraud in Medical Research

Chris Kresser has the second part of a post about science and the public. This mentions a study I posted about recently and gives cause for concern here in the USA about our FDA. PR

Chris Kresser's post

Charles Seife's article in JAMA titled "Research Misconduct Identified by the US Food and Drug Administration". The full PDF is available free.

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Read this earlier today - very good information. The comments afterwards are also worth reading ....


This was also in one of our papers today:-

Excerpt from above first link:

Such criticisms have not gone down at all well with the supporters of statins. Sir Rory recently attacked the high-profile signatories (one of whom was Dr Kendrick) to an open letter calling on NICE to re-think its stance on the matter.

He said: 'I'm concerned that the public as a whole and doctors as a whole are being misinformed.

'This has the potential to cause very large numbers of unnecessary deaths from heart attacks and strokes, and the people who put their names to that letter should be ashamed of themselves.'


Marz, it strikes me that many of the side effects of Statins are much the same as being Hypothyroid or being on Levothyroxine!

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So frustrating... Docs are brainwashed and in the dark, thinking that patients are hypochondriacs. How are we supposed to trust this system?

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