For those of you with high cholesterol that Drs want to put on statins!

Link to information from Chris Kresser.

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  • Patients need to realise that they can "Just say NO!".

  • I did 😀

  • Me too. :D

  • My total cholesterol is 6.1 and has been for years. A GP shouted at me and told me I could die of a heart attack. He said at the moment your oestrogen levels are saving you but that won't last forever.

    I flatly said No Thank You and never went to him again. 😏

  • I imagine he had discovered that shouting at his female patients was an effective way of getting many of them to comply with his wishes.

    Since refusing to take statins (twice) my GP hasn't measured my cholesterol, which is a good idea as far as I'm concerned. If I won't take the recommended treatment then what is the point?

  • Actually every GP surgery I've been with has tested my cholesterol every 6 months or every time thyroid function was tested. Whenever I go and see my GP about my blood results I'm always told about my cholesterol result and I'm given this look. I've learnt to ignore it.

  • Good for you!! What meds are you on as mine has come down from 6.9 to 5.4 on NDT so far 😀

  • Katepots that is very impressive. I'm currently on just Levothyroxine and should be starting some T3 soon. I really hope it lowers my cholesterol too.

    How long did it take to see that reduction?

  • Only a few months!! T3, NDT is the answer that's why it's so criminal that they won't prescribe but offer us everything else! Whatever happened to prevention is better than cure and the oath that they will do no harm??!!

  • Prevention is bad for pharmaceutical company profits, and I don't think they have to take an oath any more unless they choose to.

  • Yes very true, also our doctors are trained to manage disease not cure it.

  • In that case I can't wait to get started. I've been on Levo for the last 16 years I'll just have to wait another few days until it arrives. Good to hear your success story.

    What other health improvements have you seen since taking NDT Katepots?

  • Generally better now my levels are right. Had another blip where TSH has risen again so just upped dose again. Think thyroid is still being attacked a lot. Better mood, less brain fog, tiredness, although that also depends on what I eat too. Strictly gluten free, limited dairy, but need to go back to none I think, no nightshades or alcohol 😩

    Still have a lot of pain in my joints and think I probably have more than one auto immune disease so working all that out at the moment.

    Need to test bugs in gut next as done everything else to get antibodies down, I suspect Epstein Barr or Lyme.

    It's never ending!!

  • It has been well researched that you are more likely to die if your cholesterol is low than otherwise and the brain needs cholesterol to function properly. Why are Practitioners not up to date on these issues. As well as Statins I refused the flu jab and mentioned I was not happy about the ingredients such as mercury and aluminium, my Doctors said "oh I don't know what the ingredients are"!. I get the impression they are taught to dole out drugs but too often have no idea what is put in them or the contradictory effects.

  • I've just been listening to a speaker on the autoimmune revolution talking about heavy metals and the mercury in the flu jab. Had no idea of mercury in it. Shocking. Very interesting talk on Lyme. Interesting that mercury goes to brain, lead more bone and aluminium link to heart.

    Completely lost faith in Drs. What's the point in just treating symptoms and not finding the cause?

    I think a lot of us on here know a lot more about thyroid,autoimmune conditions and blood results than most Drs.

  • Do any of the current generation influenza vaccines available in the UK contain mercury?

    A few years ago, some of the products then available did actually state that they had Thiomersal (INN) or thimerosal (USP) in them. So, if present, they should clearly be declared, and have been. None of the current listings on the EMC show any mercury compounds whatsoever, so far as I could see.

  • That's good to know. The talk was in the States so hopefully different here then.

  • Been on thyroxine for over sixty odd years, which is stable at the moment, do not want to take statins incase it upsets things. Best of luck.

  • Will look into that Helvella thank you.

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