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PMT Relief??

Hi guys lately my pmt and periods themselves causing probs. Last few days leading up to it have been awful....stomach and back cramp, headaches, fatigue and yesterday bad nausea. Arrived in early hours...head still sore stomach cramps and pain in tops of legs. Heavy too. Believe this is all part of Hashimotos. Is there anything I can take to relieve symptoms?? TIA xx

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I'll be following this. Mine is awful. Cant offer much help but taking B6 high strength prescribed by gp 12 days on the cycle helps with the pain. But doesn't sort the problem


I'm sorry I can't offer advice on relief other than I found the progesterone only pill helped. Unfortunately I believe it's not particularly recommended to take any artificial hormones and it's always a good idea to get your sex hormones checked before taking anything in that area to help with symptoms. It may be worth asking for these tests. PMT may be due to oestrogen dominance so it's worth getting it all checked. I think this is why the progesterone helped me.

Taking B vitamins is a very good idea. You may also find taking magnesium helps but look into the best forms to take as some are pretty useless. I find magnesium citrate is ok for me. It seems to help with the cramps and with my sleep if I take a dose at night.

One thing that seems to have helped more than anything else is finally getting my thyroid treatment right. I don't get PMT and I only get mild cramps right at the beginning. It's certainly nothing that would distract me from getting on with my life. I have struggled with very painful periods most of my life so this is quite a novelty for me :) hopefully that at least reassures you that things can get better on the right thyroid treatment. If you are not feeling like your thyroid treatment is doing the job, it may be time to look at that too.

Oh, and don't forget iron. Low iron usually results in heavier periods.

I hope you find what brings you relief soon.

Carolyn x


Thanks hun. Ive only just upped my thyroxine again of friday. I take lots of supplements now magnesium included. Im on 3 iron tablets a day as my ferritin was at 7. Hopefully see a difference next month!! This month just seems particularly bad! Xx



A ferritin of 7! No wonder you are having problems!

Sometimes gentle walks help a little but sometimes I couldn't actually do the walking to feel the benefit. I do sympathise and I wish I had an answer to this.

Hopefully the thyroxine increase will help. I hope it eases up for you soon.



Yeah "just slightly low...I dont know why you're so tired" says doc?!! Ive fired her!! I managed a 5 mile walk on thursday and a mile and a half on sunday but none yesterday or today! Maybe tomorrow!! Thanks hun...fingers crossed! Xx


I was put on Vit B6 and Lasix- a diuretic. I didn't get chance to see if it worked though. The diuretic was made up with a sulphonamide base which I'm seriously allergic to so was very poorly for a while but I'm assuming the purpose of it was to stop excess fluid causing pressure in the region.


Oh poor u hun! Im still feeling rubbish!! So so tired and mega headaches. Its very very heavy though 😐 xx


Since I have been back on my carbimazole, my periods are horrendous. The first day is always so heavy and excerise is definitely not happening for first couple of days. I have never had this problem before.


Aww thats rubbish hun!! Mine pretty much over now just hoping its not as bad next month. Got doc fri so will mention it then xx


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