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I have been on Thyroxin for about 10 years after going to my GP because I was cold and had flacky skin. About 2 years ago I felt I was being over medicated and asked the GP advise, to which he said my blood test were perfect and he wouldn't advise me coming off. I insisted that I should come off and we both agreed to reduce it by 25mg and be re tested. This I did and each time my blood test was perfect I can now report that I do not take any medication at all and all my recent blood tests are perfect. In the last few weeks I am feeling very tired and wondered if my levels are dropping I will get another blood test next week.

My doctor tells me that he has never had a patient who has come off thyroxin once they are on it.

Any advise please.

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Maybe you had a 'thyroiditis' and this is an excerpt below and I will also attach a link.

Normally, if diagnosed with hypothyriodism we have to take medication for life. A few times someone may have a different 'form' and more are listed in the link.

"De Quervain’s thyroiditis settles down after a few days and is often followed by a spell of hypothyroidism lasting a few weeks or months, before the thyroid gland recovers completely.

Very occasionally, the condition may recur or the low levels of thyroid hormones caused by it can be permanent and may require long-term treatment with thyroid hormone replacement medication.

Post-partum thyroiditis

Like Hashimoto's thyroiditis, post-partum thyroiditis is an autoimmune condition, but it only happens in women who have recently given birth.

In post-partum thyroiditis, your immune system attacks your thyroid gland within around six months of giving birth, causing a temporary rise in thyroid hormone levels (thyrotoxicosis) and symptoms of an overactive thyroid gland".

Regarding yourself, if you get a new blood test for your thyroid gland at the earliest possible, it may show that you are again hypo. If you get a copy of your results, with the ranges, you can post for comments.


Hi Diamonds1, a very interesting story. I must confess, I'm more than a little curious to know what you call 'perfect' blood tests. Do you have the figures? How much levo were you taking when you first felt 'over-medicated'?

Hugs, Grey


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