Apologies if someone has already posted this, but it can't be posted enough, so that everybody gets to read it!


This is long, but it sums up the failures of modern médicine to correctly diagnose and treat one the most common diseases known to modern man (or, more usually, woman).

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disgraceful we should all print this off and send it round the endo, I think I will actually, will they hound dr toft?

Who knows what they'll do! They might actually listen for once. I believe in miracles. lol

I'm copying it to the endo I saw once, who dismissed my hypo symptoms as not being my thyroid, but grudgingly told me my thyroid antibodies were over 600! Also copying it to two GP's, one who failed to treat me 11 years ago, and the other who threatened to stop medication and blood tests because I'd seen Dr Skinner.

I'm copying Pettals.

Good for you! :)

and who is your copy goingto margo.. you need multiple ones, I will do I copy and take it to the copy shop.

Let me think.........too many to mention!!

Thanks for this; I hadn't seen it before.

You're welcome. :)

Thanks for posting this Greygoose....I have never seen it before and sincerely hope that at last we are going to be listened to.

As one of those many thousands,who went ten years on a starter dose of T4 only, whilst being continually told there was nothing wrong,but not feeling well, I had to adjust life accordingly which looking back makes me very sad to think of all those lost years of enjoyment not only for me but my family too. I am one of the lucky ones who now finally benefits from T3 but I often wonder what life could have been like if properly diagnosed in my 50s instead of my 70s when age catches up anyway.

I sincerely hope that the future will be brighter for future sufferers,that the necessary research will be done and a much wider choice of medication made available for everyone and not just the lucky few.Too many peoples' lives are being ruined unnecessarily.

Amen to that!

Golly GG it was long - sorry have not read it all - but thanks for posting :-) It reminded me of the DVD that comes with Dr Kendricks latest book - Doctoring Data. Watched it with hubby this morning. He said that it is not money that is the most powerful thing about change ( in respect of medicine generally ) - but IDEAS. Once an idea is firmly planted in the mind of the experts - and they pass it on to students and the like - it is not easy to change :-( Not something I had thought of before - but is possibly the root cause of all those bodies not being able to accept they have it wrong....

Well, yes. And no. Aren't any of them capable of thinking for themselves? Are doctors just a bunch of sheep, with the occassional maverik? (I just love mixing my metaphors, don't you!) If they have eyes, they must be able to see it isn't working. If they have a conscience, they must want to undo the ill they're doing. Or are they just robots, and not human at all? There's certainly not much humanity amongst them!

Medicine is hierarchal and you have to toe the line in order to progress. Stepping out of line as you know gets you into trouble. When you have read the book you will understand me better - I am probably not explaining things well :-)

Dr K did mention you have to wait for 'experts ' to die before new thoughts can be implemented. So we need to check the ages of all those people on the BTF et al - as well as their involvement with Big Pharma... ...... :-)

You explain things very well.

But I'm not convinced that the thoughts die witht the 'experts' what thunk them! If you see what I mean. The old ideas tend to hang on for a long time, passed down from 'expert' to underling.

I once had dealings with an underling who talked about the dead 'expert' as if he were in the same room! Cut no ice with me! I reduced her to tears and took my daughter elsewhere! Pft!

What you would have to do is gun down all the medics above the rank of student, and start again. Otherwise, I don't see how things are ever going to change. Vive la révolution!

.......am hoping underlings will take on new ideas once the experts pop their clogs :-)

It seems that wherever we look in life - at any profession - not just medicine - there seems to be so much game-playing to hold onto rank/kudos. Was watching Spiral tonight - French series - and again the bully boys at the top can corrupt and influence with ease....

Oh well I am too old and grumpy for anyone to listen to me - although Grmaine Greer is much older and did a good job on Question Time the other evening :-)

Did she? Good for her! Always liked that woman. But it's not a question of age, it's a question of how loud you can shout. I'm sure you've got a pretty loud voice, haven't you? lol

....of course - when needed ! :-)


I just cannot understand why they are so blinkered.I have heard it said in my own surgery that they have their hands tied!!

Tied from what ? Making us well ? Listening to patients' symptoms?

I have personally had to say at one appointment...I'm over here in my body ......not in that screen!! .....You can have no idea how much it hurt me to have spoken that way as It's just not me.

I have great respect for GPs, the heavy workload and responsibility they carry,especially with our ageing population,but somehow changes have to be made in the teaching of medical students regarding the diagnosing and correct treatment of Hypothyroidism at an early stage not decades later when patients are absolutely desperate to get their sense of well being back.

What a joy it would be for us all to actually feel " NORMAL"

If they learnt to diagnose and treat thyroid patients properly, they would probably cut their work-load by half! No sympathy!

Point taken ......true .


Very good article. But it lacks references and it is anonymous, so I'm not sure how much interest a doctor would show. :(

Although, having said that, the guidelines published by the Royal College of Physicians for the treatment of hypothyroidism are unreferenced and anonymous as well, as you can see here :


What a load of rubbish that is!!! Haven't actually read it before. No Wonder we're all in such a state!

To be honest, I didn't notice there were no references in the article I posted. It is very long and I didn't have time to get right to the end. As for Anonymous, it's written either by, or on behalf of, the group, TPAUK, I imagine, not some well-know-in-endocrinology-circles party-line-towing boot-licker, so I doubt the name of the author would add anything to it in the way of authenticity.

hb, the link for references is at the very bottom of the page. PR


Ooh, thanks for that, PR4NOW, I hadn't noticed the link.

I hadn't read it before. Really they must start treating us for our symptoms rather than a blood test. I've just survived the last 23years. Feeling a better now on t3 but believe there's a long way to go.

But they're not going to as long as Big Pharma pulls the strings.

Sad that lives are worth so little

I'm afraid they always have been. There's never been much respect for life.

Has anyone copied this to Jeremy Hunt?

It's all so unbelievably sad, isn't it. I used to have unconditional respect to doctors. Now I have more respect for my own diagnostic skills (as a well educated, but totally unqualified "medical professional") and the skills of peole using this forum. It's making my blood boil, and I find now that I may have the early signs of heart disease - having just had a routine blood pressure before surgery on my knee. They now tell me they won't operate unless my GP declares me fit. A week of twice-daily blood pressure readings has only made the picture look more worrying. Things could get worse!!!! I'm off upstairs to print out that paper. Like someone below, I do wonder if Jeremy Hunt has seen the paper. Could it be sent in with the petition?

...raised blood pressure is a symptom - not a condition. It indicates there is something else going on in the body - under-treated thyroid - anaemia ?


Scroll down to the essay about blood pressure :-)


Thanks Marz!

High blood pressure, in this case could have firstly been 'white coat syndrome' and now having to have it done twice a day may be the reason it is looking worse. There must be one hell of a lot of stress right now.



It's not our paper, dolphin, it belongs to PTAUK. It's for them to send it to whomever - and I'm sure they will!

Sorry to hear about your heart problems. Do you think that's due to not being treated properly for your hypo?

They're sure to say no, but I now worry that it is. I'll have to wait and see. My next fight with a GP (to talk about the stress they're causing and perhaps some help with that) is tomorrow, and next week I see a different GP about the blood pressure. Fingers crossed .... Maybe they'll be nice to me for a change?

It sounds as if you're grossly Under-medicated! That causes high blood pressure. I would think they would want to optimise your thyroid before the think about operating.

Keeping my fingers crossed that they're nice to you! :)

Thank you!

Don't forget to read the links I gave you before you see the Doc about your blood pressure. It is a slippery slope once on drugs to reduce....

I've read them and I'm about to go upstairs to print them ....... and add them to my new ring-binder full of important papers to show doctors as necessary!

Thanks for posting ,saved to read later.


I'll take a copy to my endo appointment but as I dont understand half of it my argument will be weak :(

I'm sure you're Under-estimating yourself there! I bet your arguement will be splendid. Just don't let him see that you're unsure of yourself. Just remember that he's winging it too!

I have printed this article and will take it along to my gp at tomorrows appointment. I think she will find it interesting.

I have also got an appointment with an endo in Dundee in March, will take it with me then, although he is suppose to be good with thyroid. (He was recommended to me by someone on this forum).

I hope he is good, barb. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


I can not see the article. Nothing comes up when I click on it.

The TPA website has been redesigned since the link was given in the original post. You can find the article here :


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