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Why Low-Doses of Toxins Threaten Our Hormone Systems and Metabolism

A very good article explaining why science has been missing the boat. PR

"Here is the real problem: chemical manufactures don’t account for these variables to validate the safety of these chemicals. They still use the obsolete (linear) dose-response models to prove to the EPA that compound X (fill in the blank) is safe in your deodorant and child’s shampoo."

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One of the commonest insidious toxins and attacker of the thyroid is Aluminium

Its used by many water supply companies

its in toothpaste along with Flouride

( fluoride is a waste product of the Aluminium industry)

Its in non stick cookware, aluminium pans ,foil, drinking cans .so called tin cans are now mostly aluminium

its the heating element in coffee machines,slow cookers etc

Almost every food manufacturer uses it

virtually every restaurant is Aluminium

Get it completely out of your life if you want to live pain free and not fall into the clutches of cancer or alzheimers


I read moons ago that it was Alcan that financed the initial research that said Fluoride was good for teeth - we have been fooled for many years. How are Water Companies persuaded to put it into the water systems ? It must the little brown envelope :-(


Aluminium salts are a Floculator so they bind together impurities in the water however what everyone is ignoring is the "homeopathic effect " that aluminium conveys to the water along with the minute traces left behind

Flouride is a waste product of the Aluminium industry and rather than pay for the disposal of waste products they decided to doctor the research and claim it was good

Many Area Health Authorities have been hoodwinked by this and sanctioned its addition to water supplies and yes no doubt "little brown envelopes" are in it somewhere

Naturally occurring fluoride in water supplies is a very different animal to the rubbish chemical that's being added

Aluminium trapped in bedrock is perfectly safe its only when its extracted and smelted and processed into items that the dangers come

Aluminium and fluoride is a Cumulative and Insidious poison which the body has immense trouble getting rid of hence why Alzheimers and Cancer cases are now off the wall

If anyone wants an Aluminium free toothpaste then try Euthymol it works as a mouthwash too


Eu thymol tastes terrible, discovered Sensodyne Classic which has better taste.


is Sensodyne Classic free of Flouride ?


It really worries me that all my drinking water comes in plastic bottles. I can't drink tap water because the chlorine causes pain in my bladder. For the last 14 years I have been drinking still mineral water from plastic bottles. My cooking water is filtered though. I have to carry water around with me, so heavy glass bottles are out.

I've recently started to use a slow cooker because I get a lot of pain standing up. It's been fantastic but now I'm thinking food can be in there cooking for 10 hours, how much aluminium will be in my food? It's all a scary thought.

I think a lot of people don't see the link with cosmetics say leaching chemicals into the blood stream. I can't use hair dyes for example because the chemicals cause bladder pain. To me it reinforces just how much we are unwittingly polluting ourselves.

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its heating aluminium that causes a kind of radiation which goes right through the glass or ceramic bowl in a slow cooker so for me that's definitely out

Flouride is a major no no where I am concerned too

Scientists will not take the time or interest to research or face these issues


Hi reallyfedup123, it gets worse, the inner bowl in my slow cooker is metal with a non stick coating!

You're right not enough research is being done.

Our water comes from a spring, not sure if Severn Trent have a way of adding fluoride? It's terrible water, really hard. They did something recently to improve the quality, I hope that doesn't mean chemicals :-(


Aluminium is in nearly all conventional deodorants - especially roll-on deodorants!! BUT always test the aluminium free deodorants before buying them (a small swipe on the inside of the elbow). Some people react to a couple of the ingredients in aluminium-free deodorants.

Aluminium in deodorants has apparently been linked to breast cancer (although I can't find a source for this).


when I find the link I was sent on breast cancer and deodorants /antiperspirants I will post it

but all toxins in the body drain through the left breast so is it any wonder that's normally the ist site of breast cancer

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This article is so true, I have spent years feeling unwell, for the last 4 years my Ferritin was 8-16 (even with iron infusions)

In November I started the GAPS diet which causes a natural detox of the body. My latest Ferritin count has doubled for the first time ever and my T3 has normalised


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