I'm 30 yrs old and almost certain I suffer from Hypothyroidism.. Only problem is no

doctor will treat it b/c my test results are "normal". My mom also has thyroid issues, all her test results were normal as well, the only reason they finally helped her was b/c they ended up finding a goiter

which had to be removed. I refuse to wait that long. But I don't know what to do if the doctors refuse to treat the problem. My fatigue has gotten so bad its debilitating most days, I feel like I've been drugged. I have kids so I can't be out of commission so to speak. My hair is falling out by the handfuls. The doctor asked me if I was stressed out about anything, I said yes I'm stressed about my hair falling out, it now consumes my every thought, I go to sleep thinking about it and wake up thinking about it. I stay cold and its almost impossible for me to get warmed up. And let's not even start with the brain fog, OMG, some days I feel like I'm retarded. I can't find the words I want to say nor can I remember anything! My skin is terribly dry and I often have constipation. Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. I'm desperate at this point. I can't keep going like this.

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  • Welcome to the forum, Clcraig84.

    Ask your doctor to check your pituitary function and consider secondary hypothyroidism (hypopituitarism). This presents with low/normal TSH and low FT4 and FT3. Your FT4 is very low in range, barely above the bottom quadrant when it is usually 1/2 way through to 3/4 way in range. Low FT4 will make it difficult to convert sufficient T4 to T3. Unfortunately I can't interpret TT3 but I think yours looks low.

    In secondary hypothyroidism the thyroid gland is healthy but doesn't produce sufficient hormone because it isn't getting enough stimulus from the pituitary gland. Treatment is thyroid hormone replacement. TSH testing will be valueless and only FT4 and FT3 or TT3 should be taken notice of.

    Ask for ferritin, vitaminD, zinc, B12 and folate to be tested. Hair loss is common in hypothyroidism and also with low iron and zinc. Low/deficient levels of all can cause fatigue, musculoskeletal pain and low mood.

    This link will explain about low wbc and neutrophils

  • Thanks you so much for your informative response! Its greatly appreciated!

  • Also here's a list Vitamins/supplements I've been taking for the last 9 months b/c my WBC and neutrophils were lower then, they have came up just a little since then. I was initially sent to an oncologist and tested for leukemia, HIV, etc. all the things that come to mind when you think of low WBC. Obviously those were negative but they still told me nothing and my symptoms worsened. They suggested Iron which was odd b/c my hemoglobin is fine and it caused constipation so I trashed that.

    Calcium, Biotin, Super B Complex, B-12 ,Vitamin C, Folic Acid, D3 and Evening primrose oil

  • Clcraig, haemoglobin may be ok but if iron/ferritin are low you need to supplement. Each iron tablet should be taken with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C which aids absorption and mitigates constipation. There are gentle iron supplements but they don't contain much elemental iron and it will take longer to correct deficiencies. Test every 6 months if you supplement to check levels aren;t too high.

    High dose folic acid ie 5mg (prescription only in the UK) should only be supplemented for 3/4 months.

    Calcium should only be supplemented if you've had a blood test showing levels are low. High calcium causes kidney, bladder & gall stones.

  • Oh wow! Thanks again. I had no idea. But with the doctors not helping at all I did a little research (clearly not enough) and took what I thought was best for my symptoms 6 months ago. Of course they have since worsened. I hope I haven't made things worse by

    adding all these vitamins :(

  • Hi Cl, what a shame. The most important test is free T3 and would have been much more revealing but they didn't do it and they put you through all those tests for things that could still be attributed to hypothyroidism. I believe I read that some of the blood tests are off simply because our blood volume is low which changes the readings for some of the blood cells.

    I'm sorry that most doctors are rather clueless and become entangled in side issues. It really damages the diagnosis.

    Here is a little bit of intelligence about how the thyroid works.

  • I had the same thing.I went with a list of my symptoms to a new doctor and they listened and agteed I was hypothyroidism and prescribed me meds.don't give up xx

  • I had some of the same symptoms and my Thyroid functions was sub-clinically low during my second pregnancy four years ago. I have a GP who uses conventional meds and nutrition to treat her patients. She recommended that I use coconut oil, Vit D3, Omega 3 and Barley Green and within 3 weeks all my counts all came up to normal AND my symptoms went away. My naturopath also recommended that I eat certain foods like broccolli and avoid others, but I can not remember which ones. I know with brainfog Candida overgrowth is often a big factor. The B-vitamins and amino acids help too. From time to time my symptoms come back and then I just go back to the regime and it helps. Another thing I added for the fatigue, that really helps, is 3 cups of Green tea a day. I hope this helps you.

  • Thanks so much. I'm definitely going to try this and pray it helps. The idea of being on meds the rest of my life is not very intriguing to me. I would love to feel alive and normal again without relying on caffeine boosters just so that I can function.

  • You really should go to a new doctor preferably an endocrinologist. This is an MD who specializes in this.

  • A while after radiation treatment for hyperthyroidism I had very severe hypothyroidism symptoms. I put on 5 stone and slept 18 hours a day but my bloods were normal. Hair falling out by the handful. No doc would believe it was thyroid. After seeing 5 GPs I got referred to endochrinologist. He gave me thyroxine and there was a dramatic improvement. He said bloods can be behind symptoms for a number of months. I still have problems getting completely well as I seem to need my bloods to show as hyperthyroidism for me to feel well.

  • Go back to your doctor and force him to look up CENTRAL/2ndary hypothyroid its different to primary hypo which is all they ever think about or get taught

    in which your TSH will be low along with T4 and T3 just as yours are and no doubt were your mothers

    Also insist that




    Vit d3

    are tested I will bet ferritin is on the floor wheras ALL 4 MUST BE halfway in their ranges

    I bet your cholesterol is high and maybe your LFTs are raised too

    The screen your GP has done is simply not enough because you can appear OK on that but have ferritin & or b12 on the floor

    when the blood has been taken be sure to take iron plus at least 1000mg vitamin C after lunch and take a really good multivitamin before bed

    If your GP still wont treat you will need to self medicate

  • Thanks! My last screening did show my cholesterol was high.. I'm curious how that plays a part to all this. I'm very new to this and want as much as info as possible so I can be proactive.

  • High cholesterol unless you are a redhead is always linked to Hypothyroid

    I still maintain you may well have CENTRAL /2ndary Hypothyroid and given the number of people who have this in my family I should know

  • Lol.. I am redheaded!! :) I am learning all kind of stuff! ;) I'm going to Google that now.

  • Thanks for your concern but I beg to differ. Tiredness is not my only symptom. I'm losing hair by the handfuls, constantly freezing ( I'm sitting under an electric blanket right now and I'm still cold) without supplements I'd probably be around 150, but b/c I refuse to get fat that's not an issue..but if I don't take something I can easily gain 10lbs in 3 wks. Brain fog.. The list goes on and on. But as we all know you can have normal test results and still have a thyroid problem.. Hence my mother having a humongous goiter yet all her labs were "normal"

  • clcraig84

    "normal " means zilch

    If you have Central/2ndary Hypothyroid you will feel all your symptoms but idiot doctors will still declare your TSH "normal "

    That's a total load of rubbish

    Try doing a Google Scholar search on central/secondary hypothyroid

  • aDoctor not comment on things you do not 100% understand

  • Have you ever been tested for low B12? Some of the symptoms for that are almost the same as hypothyroid. If you can get a doctor to do the blood test ask for folate and ferritin to be tested too. Do hope you can get help, and I send my good wishes. MariLiz

  • Thanks for the well wishes. No I have not been tested for B12 but I take it daily. Is it possible to be deficient in something I've been taking for about 9 months?

  • Hi Clcraig 84, yes it is very possible to be deficient in B12 as there can be issues over absorbing it. Have you had any stomach problems, Coeliac's , Crohns or surgery that might have an effect. In my own case I believe it is Pernicious Anaemia, where my own immune system is destroying intrinsic factor in the gut, and therefore preventing absorption. The other requirements for B12 to be absorbed, are good levels of other vitamins, plus ferritin and folate. It might be worth getting it checked? Best wishes MariLiz

  • You hang in there and these symptoms are real. this all sounds like what I went through and so frustrating. not all doctors are created equal and you need find one that really help you. Don't give up and stay after this. And yes welcome. I had hypo all my life and only started seeking help now when I'm in my forties. I know what you mean with the hair but once you get in the meds that work for you it will come back. I'm struggling with getting my balsnce and my hair going they it again but I was balanced and it came back so hang in their my friend.

  • Thanks, honestly the hair loss and the fatigue are by far the worst part of this entire thing. :(

  • This was me seven years ago I went numerous times to gp and I had awful depression they all said my symptoms pointed to under active thyroid but my blood test always came back normal. I couldn't live like it so I did loads of research and went to see Dr p he got me to do a urine test for thyroid and it came back that I was very hypo and he said no wonder I felt so awful I then began to self treat with guidance but it's not an easy route but I wouldn't be here now if I wasn't.

  • Thanks, I've never heard of a urine thyroid test, but best believe I'm about to look it up. ;)

  • It's a 24 hour urine collection and they assess the available t4 and t3 your body uses my t3 was extremely low and my t4 was low normal Dr p advised it was more accurate and reliable than blood test but not widely used.

  • I've already answered most of these questions in this post. My list of Vitamins/supplements, I don't take any other meds.. Obviously one of the first things they test for when having low WBC is leukemia and HIV..and no I do not have either

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