help needed if anyone can !!!!!

I hope that someone can help with this there anyone out there in cyberspace that can let me know what a tablet is ----- it is a small white tab , one side only has a central ridge [ presumably for breaking , if ness ] the other side only has 'F1' as a marker [ indented ] ....... the reason I ask is that I do not trust the pharmacist that prescribed ------ they actually gave a mixture of 2 different doses of the same meds in the recent past , and although they use generic meds I have never seen this one before , for the med that needs to be taken ........alan xx

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  • Well, Alan, I can definitely say that it shouldn't have a connection for it to be 'charged' up by electricity :) .

    I hope someone can answer if they get the same prescription as you. Is it a levo or lio tablet?

  • it should be carbimazole , but bering in mind that the pharmacy supplied both 20 & 5 mg last time --- in the same script --- [ mixed ] .....and this aint the third time they have mucked meds up for others ---- and yes I have reported them to the owners and to the ccg on this ---- I have my reservations ......the people on this site may have info that I havn't got .....which makes this site superb in my own opinion ......alan xxx

  • One thing we definitely do not need is wrongly prescribed meds.

  • that is my exact problem .... with the history of this particular outlet !!!!!

  • Alan, Were you given a PIL (Patient information leaflet) with these tablets? That should contain the description of the tablets. If you weren't given one, I would go back to the pharmacy and ask for it.

  • no leaflet ....just a bottle of the tabs ... that is why ---- with the history of this outlet I have concerns before my lady takes them .....alan xxx

  • Just checked EMC for you, and the only carbimazole product in their list is marketed by MercuryPharma. Those tablets are pale pink, marked 'Link C5' for the 5mg tabs and 'Link C20' for the 20mg tabs.

    See bottom of second page of this PIL

  • that is the 1st thing that struck me [ as I control all meds for my lady ] ....a totally different colour tab ---- and I resolved the 20/5 difference by the different shades of the same meds .......the pharma had ' mucked up ' ....doesn't bode well for the patient though does it !!!!!.....alan xxx

  • I learned some time ago never to accept medications that don't have an accompanying PIL. The pharmacy are obliged to supply one, so if the pills are not pre-packed with a PIL, the pharmacy should print one off for you.

    If you have the relevant PIL you can then check the description against the pills they've given you.

    If you collect the meds yourself, check them before you even leave the pharmacy.

  • superb help .....thank you so much..... with the advise about the ' colour & state ' of the tabs .....I have contacted the ----ahm head office -- to be told you were quite correct === they are cheching as we speak ??? ==== but my main concern is if the pharma dispense the wrong/incorrect meds that are not noticed before you take them ---WHO IS RESONSIBLE AND ABOVE ALL ELSE WHAT HAPPENS TO THE PATIENT ........NO ONE WILL TAKE RESONSABILIY FOR THE OUTCOME .....sorry I am ranting on a bit [ but that is from previous history ......we have all been there havnt we ????................alan xxx

  • I'm intrigued to know what the tablets they gave you were Alan? This pharmacy sounds positively dangerous... time to find a new one I would think!

  • Maybe you could rtn to the pharmacy and ask? But I would have insisted on being given the pil when collecting it.

  • I would if I was use stop using these pharmacists and speak either with another pharmacist or your GP before taking any.

  • this is why I've asked this question ...... we get the ' scripts ' from the same place .... and there is no real alternative == at this time == but I will ALWAYS check , double and triple check before we take ANY MEDS for whatever reason , on what has been dispensed ........... I have spoken with our gp and he has his hands tied as far as the nhs is concerned ==== IT IS UP TO THE PATIENT WHO THEY GO TO TO DISPENCE ....... and if they get it wrong ITS DOWN TO YOU FOR RECOURSE....----- yet again the info that I have been given from this site has helped superbly ........alan xxx

  • Are you saying there is only one pharmacist? have you tried on line pharmacy

  • never forget that I am a techno idiot -- AND PROUD -- I want the pencil & paper back !!!!!

  • whatever you do make sure you keep those pills as evidence not hand them back so they can do a cover up

  • as with the previous 'misstake' that they made [ out of 56 5mg carb tabs -- 31 were 20 mg --- all together in the same packaging ] I have kept not only the tabs but also ALL of the packaging ......they admitted their mistake and delivered the 31 tabs the same day ......I have reported them over this and await a reply from the ccg........alan xxx

  • Hi Alan I am multiple drugs and it could be lots of them. Can i suggest you ask another pharmacy?


  • They are Carbimazole 5mg made by Lime pharma

  • thanks gilly , I have just had a p.i.l delivered from the pharmacy was just extremely strange that these are a totally different colour and size from the ' normal ' that is supplied by all other manufacturers .......alan xxx

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