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I have been told by my gp that I may not need T3 liothyronin anymore as I have been on it for some time and that levothyroxine will be all I need now. As my blood test always come back that I am being over treated and I am obviously not, in the very first place it was the dear Dr Skinner that diagnosed me, as my blood tests kept coming back that I was in the normal range. I did take Armour at one stage but unfortunatly it became to expensive that is why my gp agreed to put me on T3. I think my gp is having his arm twisted because of the price of the Liothyronin and that is why he is suggesting I just take levothyroxine. Has anybody any suggestion on what I should do or say to gp.

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Margaret, first thing get a copy of your blood results with the lab ref ranges and we'll confirm whether or not you are over treated. If you are either your Levothyroxine or Liothyronine should be reduced, not stopped.

Secondly ask your GP or Practice Manager for a letter confirming the reason they are stopping prescription of Liothyronine. You may need to write to your local CCG and appeal your GP's decision and it will be useful to attach their letter. Cost of medication when a patient is stable on it should not affect prescribing decisions. Your GP's drug budget should not be your concern.


Oh dear. You're almost certainly right, of course. The price of Liothyronine has gone through the roof lately.

But which blood test is showing you to be overmedicated - in the doctor's view?

If he's basing his conclusion on a suppressed TSH he might be persuaded by an in range FT3. Does he test both?


There is absolutely no logic in the idea that because you have had T3 for a while you no longer need it.

Sort of goes down the route of "you have eaten food all your life, so you don't need to carry on with it".


Either your Gp is an imbiscile for saying such an imbiscilic thing, or he thinks he can talk fluff and guff whilst pulling the wool over his patient's eyes. :(


You need to ask if ths is because of cost.... I made a fuss in the waiting room.. Loudly... They soon contacted the Ccg It was agreed that t3 would be funded as I had been stable on it for 10 years.... ( actually I self treat with thiroyd but the prescription is my insurance against not being able to source it.)

Armour is now half the price of t3, will they swap you back perhaps?

Xx. G.


Every patient is allowed a second opinion, request an OPA at your hospital to see either a consultant or nurse to discuss. Good luck.


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