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I don't know about you, but I sometimes have to remind myself to breath. My drama teacher when I was about 11 was always telling my to breath!!! Breath deeply... And told me I had 'clavicular breathing', which I now know is a hypo symptom. Pity a few doctors didn't know that...


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  • ...time for you to swing by and join our yoga class :-)

  • Well, if I lived in Crete, I would! lol But here where I live, there's only one yoga class that I know of, and it's miles away and starts at 9.0 am which means driving through all the rush hour traffic and I just don't feel up to it! I'm too old for all that sort of thing! lol No, seriously, if it were in the afternoon, I would consider it, but I just don't do mornings!

  • ...if you lived here I would do a special afternoon class for you :-) We too start at 9am on Mondays and Thursdays - then it's up the mountain on a Saturday for one :-) Keeps me out of mischief....

  • Marz, you could do a video class for us to the background of the mountains!

  • .... :-)

  • I would love that, Marz. Can't you move to France? lol

  • :-)

  • Ah, yes. Interesting, thanks Grey. I read something similar about how many people hold their breath while writing and reading emails (making that stressful email even more stressful!).

  • I hold my breath and stick my tongue out! lol

  • What is clavical breathing? Can it relate to soft bilateral clavical swelling? X

  • Ummm If I knew what that meant, I would answer that question! lol What they meant by clavicular breathing was very shallow breathing that lifts your shoulders as you breath in - especially when you try to take a deep breath. Just had a try to see if I still do it but don't think I do...

    Anyway, just googled what you said, not much information, but no, I don't think there is a connection.

  • Thank you Greygoose.

    No connection.

    I think stress can also cause incorrect breathing.


  • Still do the Psychophrophylaxis Breathing I learnt when I was expecting my first son in 1968. It really helps you to relax.

  • Wow - that is so good. I read just one book about that very subject but cannot remember the name - written by a nurse ! My daughters were born in 1967 and 1969. The first being born at home :-) Please tell me more and remind me. I did google the book years ago and it was there - as my daughter had her first baby at 41 some seven years ago :-)

  • My first son was born in the middle of your daughters in 1968. My youngest sister has recently qualified as a midwife at the tender age of 60. She loves it. I must ask her if they still do anything like the psychoprophylaxis (you don't know how many times I had to break this word up before I could spell it - hope it's right) breathing! Only manage to do what I can remember. I know at the edn of each session we had complete relaxation and the tutor came and lifted up an arm or leg here and there to see if we were fully relaxed - you felt it when it hit the ground.

  • ...I only read the book written by the Midwife back in 1966. Lived in too isolated a spot to go to any classes ! Am still in the touch with the girl who gave me the book...perhaps she will remember the book title....

    Bit like my Yoga learning. Bought a couple of BBC publications in the early 70's and practised at home. Only started classes in 2004 and now I am teaching !

  • Would be good to have the name of the book Marz! Still do the 3 x rotations of Yoga Exercises in the British Wheel of Yoga book that I bought when I first started classes in 1982. Would love to attend one of your classes and in such a lovely setting.

  • Wish I could remember the name of the book. Suggested it to a friends daughter a few years ago - but now cannot remember it. Perhaps its will come to me ! You would be most welcome to join a class....

  • Sounds a bit like the breathing technics we learnt in drama classes. I suppose I should still be doing them, but I have trouble remembering to eat breakfast, let alone an exercise routine!

  • Regarding "clavicular breathing"...

    I did this some years ago. It became such a bad habit with me that I ended up hyperventilating and struggling to get enough air into me. I felt as though I was suffocating a lot of the time.

    What helped in the end was being given a set of breathing exercises by the respiratory nurse at my surgery. They were the kind of exercises I like - I started off doing them lying on my bed! ;)

    A page on Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome that I found interesting was this one :


    The page itself is an old one and the links within it aren't up to much any more - I suggest just googling for more info rather than trusting some very old links. But the text itself is worth reading.

    If anyone wants to investigate ways and means of improving their breathing pattern, then do some googling for :

    a) diaphragmatic breathing

    b) belly breathing

    c) Buteyko breathing

    d) 7/11 breathing

    I catch myself falling into bad breathing habits fairly frequently. However, I now know how to nip the problem in the bud, which helps a lot.

  • Just had a peep at that and the list of symptoms and book-marked to read later. But the list of symptoms reads like a list of hypo symptoms! There's got to be a connection!

  • I thought the same. I think that, for me, being undiagnosed hypo came first then the breathing problems were a side-effect of that. I'm glad I learned how to do the breathing exercises I was given because they have helped me a lot.

  • I feel the same. I'm pretty certain I've been hypo from at least eight years old, if not younger - I'm just going by photographs to guess the age, but I think the symptoms started before that. I then had adrenal problems - which came first? we shall never know - and then I'm pretty certain I've been B12 and magnesium deficient since I was quite a Young child.

    The remark about my breathing was made when I was 10 - I remember it quite clearly because I had no idea what it meant! lol But, as I said, I have since read that it is a hypo symptom. A viscious circle, it would seem.

  • Pity a few more doctors don't know a lot more of what they should know. Think correct breathing is so important to how we feel.

  • thanks greygoose, I am full of inflammation thru what ever reason even tho I try to be very healthy, I have natural news but haven't had this one. x

  • my comment is why do my posts keep goin ginto cyber space when I have typed them I left a msge for grey goose saything thankyou for this and it has gone

  • Ummm... I think it's above. Is that the same one? In any case, you are very welcome. :)

  • oh yes amazing but it never comes up at the time it just says there is a problem with my submit..

  • Ah, the mysteries of technology!

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