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Can I feel ill with a tsh as low as 2.1

Tsh 2.1 but starting to feel grim again. Been on 50 mg levo for 18 months, not sure if tsh is creeping up but my weight, leg swelling, fatigue etc is! I had such a fight with my doc to ever get levo and had to wait til it was 5.9 to even get help despite being very symptomatic. I took print outs of studies, info from medical papers about thyroid etc, but they treated me as thoug I was a hypochondriac until I was admitted to hospital for a heart episode, and tqhe hospital sent them a letter saying my thyroid was underactive. I was stunned afetr all the battles I had had. I have brother, sister and neices with Hashimotos and graves. But Is it possible to feel this rough when my tsh is only 2.1? I was feeling fine all last year.

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your TSH should be below 1

Whats your freet4 and free T3

No way should any doctor treat on TSH alone

You need to find another doctor or go back to the cardiologist because undertreated hypothyroid that presents with heart probs must be much better monitored and treated


I have no idea,they just said on phone it was fine at 2.1. My doc flatly refuses to believe anyone can feel ill at that level...'normal' is up to 5 so My hypo is apparently very very mild...but im tired, falling asleep in afternoons, have terrible water retention and weight gain too...i am snoring really badly again too


From what I have read here and learnt from others - a dose of 50mcg for 18 months is really not good. It should be raised gradually until you are relieved of symptoms.

Please try to obtain your latest blood results with ranges and post in a new post. Then people will be able to help. It is the T3 reading you need as that will tell you more about what is going on in the body. Also have your Thyroid anti-bodies tested - Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg. Hashimotos is the most common form of thyroid conditions and is auto-immune.

Do you also have results for B12 - VitD - Ferritin - folate - Iron. All need to be OPTIMAL for your T4 tablet to work and for you to feel well. B12 needs to be well over 500 - Ferritin around 80/90 - and VitD at the TOP of the range.

Oedema - the swelling - is often found in LOW thyroid people. I too was a sufferer when flying or sitting in a restaurant where I couldn't put my legs up :-)

You need all the above tests and an increased dose....

Do you have any gut issues ? Healing the gut is the MOST important thing in re-gaining your health - whatever the condition....

Keep posting and reading the replies - including the links people post. You will be soon well informed and then you will be able to ask the appropriate questions of your Doc. They don't like reading articles/research presented by patients.

Heart problems are associated with LOW T3 - and the cardiology Docs are well aware of the connections. T3 needed in every cell of the body - including the cells of the heart :-) Some GP's think that giving too much thyroid treatment is bad for the heart - sadly in many cases the opposite is true. It is inflammation that can cause many heart/circulatory issues. Low VitD too....


I think i will brave yet another trip and ask what my t3 is...but i hsve no idea what normal is for any of these tests?


...there is no such thing as 'normal ' is a word used when they mean your result is in range. A very different matter. You need to be at a good point in the range - high in the range for FT4 and FT3 and Low in range for the TSH if you are well medicated. When you are told you are normal - you could politely ask - what is normal ? What is normal for one is certainly not normal for another. When you obtain your results in writing from the surgery the ranges will be next to the results. Ranges vary from lab to lab...

Could you have the tests done privately ? Through Thyroid UK website you receive a discount.


Some doctors believe as long as our TSH gets 'in range' we don't need more thyroid hormones but we do. 50mcg is a starting dose and if you go to the date November 20, 2002 on this to read what happens when the dose is too low.

You have to increase your dose.

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In a word, yes!


my husband was in myxodeama madness with a TSH of 2.9

my daughter and granddaughters were very ill with TSH much the same

If you have Central Hypothyroid you can be very ill even with a TSH below 1

these doctors need to get educated

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