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Adrenals: Cant sleep wont sleep Im Tired

Can anyone help me, I have not had a proper hour sleep for months. I was on Armour a few months ago and with upped dosage I ended up not being able to sleep properly.

Does anyone know anything I can take?

I think its partly my adrenals, because I just cant sleep and when I took a previous Saliva Cortisol tests, it was iratic.

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Well the t3 could be adding stress to the adrenals..... What are you doing to support them? Vitamin c, vitamin b'..... The usual protocol is to lay off meds for a week, take some nutri adrenal extra and re introduce the meds whilst continuing on the nutri adrenal. Its a slow process, and personally I hate the NA x. It tastes terrible.....



I am currently not taking anything for them, want to get another test done as my last one was done a couple of years ago.

I currently take Acella which is no good for me, the hair on my body turning white again, my hair is falling out and yet again I feel like crap. :(

I have ordered T3 cynomel as the combo ones don't really seem to work, still feel shitty and glum:(

Oh how I wish this would end

Is Nutri Adrenals good then?


I find making sure I'm taking plenty of magnesium citrate and some 5HTP improves my sleep. Also craniosacral therapy or cranial osteopathy.


I suggest you take at least 2000mg of Vit C a day plus Liquorice root tincture to assist the adrenals

I suspect you cant convert the T4 in levo or Armour into the T3 you need because




Vit D3

MUST BE OVER HALFWAY in their ranges before your body can utilise t4 meds

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I don't have a suggestion, but can empathise and sympathise. I started NDT in October and my insomnia has been getting worse and worse as I've raised my dose. I got about 2.5 hours sleep last night and I feel dreadful.


I can totally concede with that it's just awful for the last two days oh my I haven't slept it's as if as bed time comes, I'm awake and when my alarm goes of I feel exhausted and tired. It's a battle at best, you need sleep to re cooperate.

It must be my adrenals cause I take hema plex and b complex so.

Here goes I am gonna purchase yet another vitamin or supplement that's gonna help and put the rights to wrong. gonna by nutri adrenals extra

Fingers crossed


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