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Can anyone recommend a consultant, private or otherwise, who can realistically explain all the options to my daughter who has Graves aand is making a decision about what to do next. She has been on carbimazole/ block and replace since she was 13 and is now seriously cosidering what her options are if she wants to have children.(now 22) She wont look on here, but will go and see an independent advisor if I can suggest one (ive managed to peruade her that GPs dont necessarily have all the answers!). We are in Somerset but will travel.

Thank you

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Morena, Your daughter's options are to switch to Propylthiouracil (PTU) during her first trimester and if she decides to breastfeed as Carbimazole can cross the blood/placenta and milk barriers. Alternatively, there is RAI, which most endos and doctors promote instead of Carbimazole.


i know clutter...this is what i am trying to vere her away from; she knows RAI is not good news.she hasnt been told about the propyl. but has been told about surgery which she is considering. Nothing sounds like mux=ch of a choice, but im wondering if the drug option is the best nw..although i personally wouldnt want to be taking ny drug while breastfeeding


i should add that i can tell her about all this but i think she needs to hear it from an unbiased professionall


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