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How do you convince doctors you may have hyperthyroidism without diverting to "oh you've got depression instead or you haven't got hyperthyroidism as your bloods are normal"

So far had 2 bloods tests last year in april and early December and both says I'm normal!

I'm experiencing the following, insomnia, no energy in day, headaches, nerve pain, aching muscles n joints, pain in wrists, eye sight blurs from time to time, acid reflux bad, bloat of stomach, gain 2 stones in 18 mths, day naps, hair loss, anxiety plus few other things.

Both my mother and grandmother had hyperthyroidism.

I'm also pro foundly deaf since birth with cochlear implant on left side (1 year).

Thanks for reading.

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If you find out, let me know!

I'm having the same problem - "normal" bloods, but symptoms are palpitations,extreme fatigue, mood swings with anxiety, disturbed sleep, night sweats, pins and needles and numbness in hands and sometimes feet, no appetite, weight gain then loss, dry skin, sensitivity to light and sometimes strange vision,brain fog, hair going white suddenly at temples and thinning/changing texture, to name a few.

GP says, " computer says no". Gastroenterologist (I have Crohn's) says, "anxiety disorder".

Neither will do any more conclusive tests.

I am looking into have blood tests privately.


see my reply below and you do the same, i.e. get a print-out with the ranges and post on a new question for comments.

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Reading through your post, I was struck at how many of your symptoms could be linked to B12 deficiency, This is a link to Dr Chandy's site, which might help assess symptoms. B12 def. is often linked with hypothyroidism and especially to Crohn's Disease.

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I am waiting for blood test result for vitamin B12 and folate. Really useful link, thank you.


You mean HYPOTHYROID/underactive not Hyperthyoid

your symptoms and family history plus blood tests for

thyroid antibodies


free t4

free t3




vit d3

should rapidly prove the case if you know what to look for


It sounds more like hypothyroidism to me although both sound very similar, i.e. hypo and hyper. One means everything slows down, i.e. pulse, temp etc. and the other means fast, i.e fast heart beat etc.

What you have to do is to get a print-out of your latest blood test results from the surgery, we are entitled, with the ranges and post on a new question for comments.

You certainly appear to have clinical symptoms.


Flower1969, it can be very difficult to get a diagnosis of hypothyroidism when your blood results are within normal range. The advice in this link may help


Because your family are hyper it doesn't mean that you have to be the same and I agree with the others that you sound hypo. It is something to say to the doctor though as family history is important. I wouldn't mention anything about you weight though other than to answer a direct question. Some GP's think we only want "the magic pills" to lose weight but make a list of your other symptoms and if you can say how they affect your life.


There could also be adrenal problems and it's important to get those checked too with a 24 hour saliva test.


Is that something a GP could/would do?


Sadly no - your GP would be likely to do a blood test which is nowhere so reliable, as the 24 hour test measures cortisol at four different times of day. This link gives symptoms of adrenal problems: and further info here:

You would have to pay to have this done at a lab such as Genova in the UK.

If there are adrenal problems then they must be sorted before your thyroid will improve.


As with Honoursmum , your symptoms sound very much like B12 deficiency, especially the anxiety, nerve pain, headaches and blurred sight, This link to Dr Chandy's site, might help assess symptoms. Hypothyroidism/B12 def. is very often linked both ways.


the weight gain would strongly suggest hypo thyroidism. Your family history of thyroid malfunction may have swung the other way in your case. A lot of the other symptoms can be hypo or hyper - but they sure sound like your thyroid is not working properly. Get hold of the results of your last two blood tests and post the figures on here (with ranges if you have them). that'll help the clever folk on here to suggest a way forward.


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